NEXCOM Brings 4K and HEVC to Security Surveillance with Smooth Recording and Efficient Storage

NEXCOM's latest slim 1U size Network Video Recorder is the ideal solution for retailers and SMB owners to watch detailed video footage with extended recording duration at an affordable price.

NEXCOM's latest NViS 1410 Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings 4K imaging to security surveillance with smooth recording and playback, and efficient storage. Powered by the latest Intel® Pentium® Processor N3700 and Intel® HD Graphics, the NViS 1410 also features the latest HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) decoding technology (also known as H.265), and up to 6TB surveillance-grade storage. The slim 1U size NVR is the ideal solution for retailers and SMB (small and medium-sized business) owners to watch detailed video footage with extended recording duration at an affordable price.

Equipped with HDMI 1.4 and DVI-I video output, the NViS 1410 allows users to display 4K video or a Full HD panoramic view consisting of four 1080p footages. The NViS 1410 also supports full HD video recording and up to 16 network cameras, catering to the surveillance need of shops and SMBs. With NViS 1410's HEVC decoding capabilities, retailers and SMBs can strategically deploy higher resolution network cameras, fisheye cameras, or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras at areas where detail or target identification is critical including main entrances and cash registers.

Further, through the implementation of HEVC, the NViS 1410 brings security surveillance up to twice the compression efficiency compared to the previous H.264 technology. The highly efficient HEVC not only maximizes video quality at low bit rates to optimize bandwidth usage but also saves file size up to 50%. Detailed video footage and extended recording time at lower total cost of ownership are made possible thanks for the NViS 1410.

Corresponding to larger storage demands driven by 4K resolution, the NViS 1410 supports up to 6TB surveillance-grade storage. Furthermore, the NViS 1410 equips USB 3.0 and eSATA 3.0 ports for flexible external storage and faster speed (5 Gbit/s for USB 3.0; 6 Gbit/s for eSATA 3.0). Users can easily expand video capacity for external storage or redundancy. In addition, the NViS 1410 equips mSATA which can store 3rd party VMS (video management software), provides quick system start up and increases reliability.

Main Features
 Intel® Pentium® Processor N3700
 1U rackmount NVR
 Dual display of HDMI and VGA
 mSATA & eSATA support
 1 X 3.5" HDD capacity up to 6T
 HEVC support

About NEXCOM: Founded in 1992, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates six global businesses, which are Multi-Media Solutions, Mobile Computing Solutions, IoT Automation Solutions, Network and Communication Solutions, Intelligent Digital Security, and Medical and Healthcare Informatics. NEXCOM serves its customers worldwide through its subsidiaries in five major industrial countries. Under the IoT megatrend, NEXCOM expands its offerings with solutions in emerging applications including IoT, robot, connected cars, Industry 4.0, and industrial security.

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