InfoComm - announces important enhancements for Stardraw Design 7.1

The improvements made in the last twelve months are numerous, and will be showcased at the forthcoming InfoComm in Orlando.

Software provider has announced a number of significant enhancements to their most sophisticated design/documentation product yet, the award-winning Stardraw Design 7.1 software package. The improvements made in the last twelve months are numerous, and will be showcased at the forthcoming InfoComm in Orlando.

Some of the most important upgrades concern printing functionality, which now offers multi-page printing in order to contain all your project drawings in a multi-page PDF file rather than individual files for each drawing. Page settings are drawn from the individual drawing meaning that your multi-page PDF file can contain different page layouts as appropriate.

DWG, DXF and S01 import has seen improvements in general to handle more exotic objects reliably, and specifically in order to create any drawing type (Block Schematic, Plan View, Rack layout etc.) from an imported DWG or DXF file.

There have been major performance enhancements when working with very large projects, e.g. opening and switching views in a project with 24 drawings and 2,500 product instances now takes less than half the time.

New tools have been added: a new Scale tool now makes it easy to define a specific scaling factor in X or Y, or both, and a new Rotate tool has been added to the Arrange menu to make it possible to enter a specific rotation angle in degrees.

Improvements have also been made to the way in which data can be inserted into documents; firstly via the Symbol Browser which is now available in all drawing types, meaning that you can easily insert any custom DWG, DFX, S01 symbol from anywhere that you can access. Secondly, we have added a Copy/Paste from Excel function: cells copied from an Excel spreadsheet can now be pasted directly into any drawing and will look just as they did in Excel.

Finally, we've introduced a new Registry entry to solve problems associated with networked systems where multiple machines are used with the same Windows User profile.

This is just a selection of what is in fact a much longer list of fixes, improvements and enhancements. For the full story, please come and see us at InfoComm booth #2562 or visit

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