InfoComm - Austria-based iRoom is very happy to announce the launch of the new exciting products for InfoComm 2015 (booth no. 3291). This highly anticipated product is available from June 2015!

iRoom’s iBezel – New Generation iPad docking station.

Fast access to a fast life.

The iPad has become the favorite device for automation control, and for good reason: iPad Apps have the ability to provide a feature-rich, customized and intuitive interface for the user. But even an iPad app can sometimes be cumbersome to operate an automation system because of the need to "wake it up", navigate to the control App and find the control.

With iRooms iBezel you decide where immediate access to your favorite controls is needed. Select your functions and set your quick access buttons on your iDock. Through the intuitive programming & integration of the major home control systems (RTI, Control4, Crestron, AMX, Gira Homeserver) the new iBezel will grant quick and easy access to your favorite functions at any time. Lighting, audio, video, home security, HVAC and much more with the touch of a button.

The elegant design of the independently programmable keypad which is incorporated into the glass bezel will give the iDock even more advantages besides the well known touchcode security features.

Interview with Marc Hofer - CEO & Founder

As with all the company's products, the iBezel has been developed, produced and tested at the company's in-house facility in Oberndorf, Austria and adds some really important abilities. Building on the growth in popularity of the iPad as a control source with its ability to deliver feature-rich, customised and intuitive interfaces, the new product is designed to remove some of the draw-backs of using an Apple product for control. Marc Hofer (CEO) explains: "A common criticism of using the iPad is that it needs to ‘wake up' and you need to navigate to the control App before you can do anything with it. The iBezel adds eight hard buttons on the exterior of the dock which means installers can program the most common functions into the product to provide immediate access to the lights, AV systems, HVAC, whatever you like." The iRoom team explains that the buttons are all customisable in terms of the icon used and can be programmed very easily using a simple list within the control App, which looks just like the system's found within an Apple product. The buttons can link to major third-part control systems or act completely independently and control any IP addressable product via its open system architecture, effectively making the product an automation platform in its own right. Marc argues: "It's of course important that we can integrate with the major automation platforms, however we are very excited about the iBezel's ability to create a control network of its own, which we feel opens up a whole new affordable route for smaller scale apartments and houses and delivers a system that can genuinely target the middle market right around the globe. Basically it changes the product from a very nice accessory, to an essential part of the control network." With a launch in June 2015, the product will be able to control 17 pre-programmed IP protocols, the company will also be looking to increase this as the product develops. Marc adds: "The product also has a proximity sensor and installers can program what happens when the user comes near and the installer can also save and export to the cloud a copy of the protocols for each project, so an easily accessible backup is available should the customer manage to make a mess of things." Available in black and white for iPad Air 1 & 2, like its predecessors, it can still be locked and delivers the same mounting, charging and aesthetic advantages already established as key features and the company also underlines the 40% margin
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