Ubiquitous Energy to Demo World’s First Truly Transparent Solar Technology at Display Week 2015

Invisible ClearView Power Film Covers Displays to Power Mobile Devices and Extend Battery Life

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.---Ubiquitous Energy, Inc., a leader in transparent photovoltaics, will debut its award-winning ClearView Power technology next week at Display Week 2015, the Society for Information Display's international symposium and exhibition, at the San Jose Convention Center.

First-time public demonstrations of Ubiquitous Energy's breakthrough transparent, energy-harvesting technology will be showcased June 2-3rd in the "Innovation Zone" (I-Zone)—Display Week's two-day forum featuring live demos of the cutting-edge information display technologies that are driving the world's next-generation display products.

"Ubiquitous Energy is committed to bringing transparent solar cell technology to market to eliminate the battery life limitations of mobile devices," said Ubiquitous Energy Co-Founder and CEO, Miles Barr. "We are excited to be part of the I-Zone and look forward to demonstrating ClearView Power's potential as an efficient energy source for a range of electronic devices that include wearables, tablets, and digital signage."

Implemented as a fully transparent film that covers a device's display area, ClearView Power technology transmits light visible to the human eye, while selectively capturing and converting ultraviolet and near-infrared light into electricity to power the device and extend its battery life. Numerous attempts to develop see-through solar cells have resulted in only modest transparencies. In contrast, ClearView Power is the first truly transparent solar technology that can overlay the surface of an electronic display without affecting device performance or display clarity.

"Displays and batteries are getting better, but we believe mobile device makers will be looking to harvest energy during operation to stretch time between charges," said Bob Raikes, principal, Meko Ltd, commenting on the Ubiquitous Energy announcement. "An energy-producing transparent coating such as this could be an ideal way to do this."

The recipient of numerous innovation awards and grants, Ubiquitous Energy was spun out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with the goal of bringing transparent solar technology to market. It is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, where it is developing its highly transparent, efficient solar cells at its state-of-the-art pilot production facility.

About Ubiquitous Energy
Ubiquitous Energy, the leader in transparent photovoltaics, is a Silicon Valley technology company developing the world's first truly transparent solar technology. With a mission to eliminate the battery life limitations of mobile devices and to power smart glass for buildings, Ubiquitous Energy is implementing its award-winning ClearView Power technology into a wide range of products as an invisible, onboard source of electricity. For more information visit http://www.ubiquitous.energy

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