HTSA Launches New Member Mentor Program

HTSA leverages existing members' knowledge and experience to create a mentor program that will ensure success for its vendors and membership.

Nashville, TN - HTSA 2015 Spring Conference - April 23, 2015 at 9:00am EST -

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), always dedicated to the mutual success of its vendors and members, has announced the industry's first mentor program, pairing HTSA Vendor partners and HTSA members, with the goal of mutual support and business development.

Focused on ensuring growth for HTSA authorized vendors and members, HTSA is providing additional resources to help arm them with new product and industry knowledge. With the HTSA Member Mentor program, both new and existing members may receive invaluable advice from others who have exhibited business savvy techniques and experienced success with select brands.

The group of members selected as mentors will impart advice on everything from sales tactics and display tips to profitability strategies for new products and vendors to those peers who wish to receive it. Through the program's implementation, all HTSA members will be brought up to speed on in-demand products and services enabling them to better serve their customers and guarantee success within the group.

Additionally, three to five HTSA members are assigned to each brand across the program and will act as the manufacturer's personal "dealer council." Throughout the collaborative process, they will work together to improve information flow, join webinars and trainings that members co-host and give meaningful feedback.

"As we continue to grow and embrace new categories we want to do everything we can to empower our members and vendors and ensure their mutual success," said Bob Hana, Managing Director of HTSA. "The HTSA membership as a whole is an extremely supportive environment, and we believe this program will foster new relationships between members and vendors, in addition to creating a uniform skill set that will better serve our customers."

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