Beale Street Audio Acquires International Distributor BMB Electronics B.V.

The acquisition will prime Beale Street Audio for immediate international expansion and invigorate the 25 year-old BMB Electronics with fresh capital, innovative dealer resources and a renewed focus on exceeding distribution goals.

Memphis, TN - April 22, 2015 - In a rare move for a company of its size, Beale Street Audio proudly announces the acquisition of Netherlands based distribution company BMB Electronics B.V. The acquisition is part of an international growth strategy that will integrate well with the company's new China warehouse to form a global presence; it will also build on a new international distribution partnership with URC (Universal Remote Control, Inc.). These are both industry-shaking moves that position Beale for rapid expansion across several global markets. BMB will serve as the central European hub for all Beale Street Audio product lines and instantly create a more efficient and responsive international supply chain for the budding audio company.

As part of the deal, Beale Street Audio takes over some of the existing product lines and a state-of-the-art facility that includes 3,000 square meters of warehouse space and another 1,500 square meters of office space (50,000 sq. ft. total) that includes a wired training facility, demo rooms, showroom and other dealer resources. BMB will serve as the main Beale Street Audio distribution center for territories including Europe into the Middle East and Africa. Beale has additional distribution deals in place to cover Australia, China, India, and New Zealand, which will be serviced directly out of Hong Kong.

"With BMB as our European base, we can more efficiently and effectively support international clients with faster shipping times, easier access to products, dealer training and sales support," said Jim Murray, managing director, Beale Street Audio. "By controlling the distribution hub, we can also run leaner and build a closer connection with customers because we own the business, the building and the relationships. One of the aims is to increase service levels for our customers. In a time where competition is huge and technology is changing, we want to offer our customers more attentive service to make their lives easier."

To maintain continuity, Beale Street Audio will retain all current BMB employees and continue to support partnerships with existing lines, including: Amina, ebode, Terra and URC. Beale will also seek growth through partnerships with other brands that are complimentary to the existing product lines and seeking a foothold in Europe.

Murray continued, "Our goal is not to just sell products and increase the efficiency of our supply chain. We want to be a true partner that helps dealers build stronger, better businesses, so a lot of effort is going into improving online resources and creating as strong a portfolio as possible."

Initial Beale Street Audio products offered through BMB Electronics include 4, 6.5 and 8-inch in-ceiling speaker models, 4 and 6.5-inch in-wall speaker models, angled in-ceiling and dual voice coil models, 6.5 and 8" in-ceiling subwoofers, and 70/100v in-ceiling speakers for commercial applications, all powered by Sonic Vortex. The Beale line will also grow to include single room and multi-room amplifiers, subwoofer amplifiers, IR products including kits, EZBrackets, accessories and more. All products mentioned are available now, or will be within 45 days.

"The acquisition of BMB gives Fulmer Companies (owner of Beale Street Audio) an existing distributor in the home installation industry through which it can offer its Beale Street Audio products along with the great product lines that BMB already distributes. The warehouse and staff in Veen are an excellent platform on which to build European distribution for Beale Street Audio. For BMB, the new ownership enables the company to enhance its successful distribution business with an innovative, new speaker line," said Arthur Fulmer, Chairman of the Board for Fulmer Companies. "The BMB customers will continue to enjoy the consistent, reliable service, knowledge and products that they've come to expect from BMB for many years enhanced with Beale Street Audio in the warehouse."

Beale's Sonic Vortex technology re-imagines the traditional ported enclosed speaker design to deliver significantly more bass and a flatter frequency response. This audible improvement is achieved by separating the main port of the enclosure into multiple sections called "fins" that are tuned to ideal listening specifications. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to the cabinet's rigidity. Compared to sealed models, the Sonic Vortex design provides a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges and a flatter frequency response across the audio spectrum. Beale Street Audio speakers are also customizable with variable designs for both cabinet air volume and port dimensions.

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