ISC West - Nortek Security & Control to Demonstrate Home Control Market Leadership at ISC West

In its first ISC West appearance since the Linear name change, Nortek Security & Control will showcase a complete portfolio of residential and commercial smart control solutions designed to service a broader customer base.

LAS VEGAS--Nortek Security & Control LLC, a Nortek, Inc. company (NASDAQ:NTK) and a leader in the residential and commercial security and control markets, is dedicating its ISC West presence to show how the 2GIG, GoControl, and Linear brands can help security dealers seize sales opportunities across a broader customer base than was previously possible. Through its market position and growing product portfolio, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) is actually helping to drive adoption of home control and create opportunities in an accelerating growth market.

By the numbers, Nortek Security & Control is a clear leading manufacturer in the smart home space. Through its 2GIG platform, NSC has the number one home control installed base with over two million installations over the past five years. In addition, the company is currently the number one manufacturer of Z-Wave enabled devices worldwide. Furthermore, the company is one of the top volume providers of wireless sensors for alarm monitoring, security and control systems with nearly 20 million shipments over the past five years.

While the statistics are a clear indicator of NSC's market leadership, they don't tell the full story of just how quickly the home control business is growing. It took 2GIG nearly four years to get to one million systems sold; but it took less than two years to get to the second million, for two million total and the markets largest install base.

"We're one of the few companies that can actually meet the product development and manufacturing needs of the biggest players in the industry," said Mike O'Neal, president Nortek Security & Control. "That said, we are also in a position to help independent security dealers and distributors with their smart home product needs since we create practical, high-demand solutions with broad compatibility."

Nortek Security & Control's high volume manufacturing capabilities and 50+ years of engineering expertise have made them a preferred connected products supplier for 18 of the top 20 security installers in America, as ranked in SDM Magazines Top 100 listing, as well as major telecommunications companies, big box retailers and cable/satellite providers. Unlike venture capital funded start-ups and other newcomers without production capabilities, Nortek Security & Control owns the manufacturing hub, so it can scale production to each individual customer.

O'Neal continued, "Based on our internal estimations, when you look at the last two years of new home control installations anchored in security, Nortek Security & Control is actually a key catalyst driving home control growth through its volume of smart product sales through dealers, distribution and other partners."

At ISC West, Nortek Security & Control will be showcasing a variety of new GoControl lighting and HVAC solutions as well as new releases from Linear and 2GIG. NSC specifically plans to demo the full beta version of the market's most installed home control platform - 2GIG. The new 2GIG® GC3 is in beta with customers, will be showcased at the show and will be available to customers in Q3 2015.

Nortek Security & Control will also feature a completely redesigned booth with lifestyle vignettes and interactive demos designed to give security dealers a better understanding of how they can capitalize on the market potential of connected home and business technology using Nortek Security & Control solutions. Booth scenarios will include residential and commercial tele-entry systems, and scenes for the garage, kitchen, bedroom, and porch/front door.

Nortek Security & Control will be exhibiting in ISC West booth 20043.
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