Indiegogo - Friday, the World's Smallest, Most Advanced Smart Lock, is Poised to Go Big Following Indiegogo Success

Friday is the latest smart lock to enter the market, priced from $109. Designed in collaboration with world famous architects, the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Friday is beautifully put together, claiming to be the smallest and most advanced smart lock yet.

April 16, 2015

Friday is the latest in a line of smart locks to successfully launch using crowd funding, indicating that public interest for key-free living is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Analysts recently highlighted how Apple and Google have security access front of mind, and with the connected lock sector predicted to become a $3.5 billion business by 2019, innovative products from startups such as Friday Labs are helping to open up the market.

Conveniently, Friday has been designed to work with both Apple's HomeKit and Thread technologies, and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth out of the box - making it the most connected smart lock to date and providing seamless connections with other home automation products.

Where Friday really stands apart, however, is in its looks. Not only is it smaller than other smart locks, it's been designed in collaboration with the Bjarke Ingels Group, (BIG), who are behind the likes of the new Google Campus, the New York Dryline, the Amager Slope and the London's Battersea Power Station complex. They have replaced flashing lights and gimmicks with natural customizable materials, resulting in a small, stylish smart lock that homeowners can individually select to complement their décor.

The lock also features DIY installation, extended battery life from high-performance lithium battery use, bank level encryption, so only invited visitors and friends have access, and a tamper alert, so homeowners are notified immediately if someone is trying to break-into their home.

Jakob Lange, head of BIG IDEAS and in charge of the design for Friday Smart Lock, said, "To date, many home automation devices have been criticized for being too gimmicky, clunky, and difficult to install and use. This presents an interesting opportunity for BIG IDEAS, where we work with resolving ‘living' challenges."

The design of the Friday Smart Lock is inspired by the architectural principle called ‘Saddle Roof.' A customizable shell will encase the lock and will be available in a range of natural materials, including woods, metals and porcelain. Friday Labs hopes to roll out replaceable design collaborations in the future, providing further options for consumers.

The Friday Smart Lock is available for pre order on Indiegogo until the end of the month, with shipping expected in Q3 this year. The lock is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and will support US single cylinder deadbolts, as well as Scandinavian deadbolt lock systems, at launch. The company is working on securing support with additional lock formats, to roll out to the UK and other countries later in the year.

Friday will launch at an RRP of $249, but there are still a few available at the discounted price of $109 on Indiegogo.

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