The iSmartAlarm DIY Home Security System Releases No-Fee Automatic Cloud Video Storage with the iCamera KEEP

iSmart Alarm, Inc. has augmented their industry-leading smart home security system with automatic video storage, viewing, and download capabilities for users with the iCamera KEEP surveillance camera.

Sunnyvale, CA April 08, 2015

With app and firmware updates launched April 1, 2015, iSmart Alarm, Inc. has made waves in the DIY smart home and home security fields by offering the ability to automatically record, save, and download videos of activity within the home. Where other surveillance cameras and security systems charge for video storage and streaming (not to mention monthly fees, custom modes, app usage, and many other features), the iSmartAlarm offers this and much more at no additional cost.

The iSmartAlarm offers users advanced smart home control, security and automation using their iPhone or Android devices at a fraction of the cost of traditional security companies. The system is a self-monitored, self-controlled home security system that is designed to be expandable, mobile and DIY, with no wiring necessary. There are no contracts and no monthly fees for customers - Families and individuals can use and expand the system with ease.

Here's How iSmartAlarm Video Storage Works:

When the system is triggered and the iCamera KEEP detects motion, it will automatically record 10 seconds of video and upload to the iSmartAlarm cloud. If movement continues and the system has not been disarmed, it will record 10 more seconds of video. And so on. If a perpetrator travels from room to room, iCamera KEEPs in every room will begin recording to track movement throughout the house. Multiple users can access up to five minutes of video at any time, and download any or all clips easily.

The iCamera KEEP HD video home security camera is designed to work as a stand-alone Wi-Fi device, and also in conjunction with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System. With 1280x720 HD resolution, motion detection and audio sensors, and on-demand streaming video control and the new cloud video storage, the iCamera KEEP provides comprehensive home visibility with no monthly fees and no contracts. The motorized unit allows for wide range pan-tilt, IR lights provide high resolution night vision, and the system allows multi-iCamera support for visibility of the whole home through simple-to-use Android and iPhone apps.

About iSmart Alarm, Inc.
iSmart Alarm, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. They designed and developed the best smartphone-enabled DIY smart home security and home control systems, winning multiple app and design awards. With high ratings and design and technology awards from Red Dot, CNet, PC Mag, TechHome, and others, the iSmartAlarm continues their groundbreaking advancements in the DIY smart home security space. Their products are cool, simple to use, and affordable to everyone.

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