QMotion Awarded New Patents

Latest Patents Cover Remote Controls and Multiple Shade Apparatus

PENSACOLA, Florida - QMotion Advanced Shading Systems announced today the issuance to it by the U.S. Patent Office two patents regarding their technological advances in automated shade systems.

QMotion has been granted U.S. patent number 8,854,798 for a transmitter holder apparatus and method to inventors Willis Jay Mullet, QMotion chief executive officer, and Darrin W. Brunk, senior product design engineer. The patent was awarded for developing a bezel and transmitter assembly that is configured to fit within the recess in the front surface of the bezel.

In simple terms, QMotion designed its motorized shades' remote control devices to magnetically fit in inconspicuous wall brackets. The remote control is held in place to the wallplate with the magnets and is used in this position much like a light switch, and it can also be easily removed by the consumer to use it as a handheld remote. QMotion's basic transmitter is built to make using QMotion motorized shades simple by offering the customer three preprogrammed intermediate positions in addition to up and down.

QMotion has also been granted U.S. patent number 8,820,386 for a multiple shade apparatus and method awarded to inventors Willis Jay Mullet, QMotion chief executive officer. The patent was awarded for developing a method connecting motorized shades.

For more information about QMotion Advanced Shading Systems, visit QMotionShades.com.

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