LIFX Releases Their Most Affordable Smart Light Yet

The White 800 is the first value bulb featuring choice between rich warm to cool white lights all in one bulb.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 2, 2015 -- LIFX has once again proven that beauty and function can exist in one amazing LED light Bulb. With the introduction of the new White 800, LIFX has taken smart lighting to a whole new level. The White 800 is the first value bulb featuring choice between rich warm to cool white lights all in one bulb. LIFX ensured this bulb continues to feature the LIFX signature built-in Wi-Fi technology (no hub required) with smart device controls. With a sleek new compact profile, 890 bright shining lumens (60 watt equivalent) and a $39.99 retail, it's the perfect introduction into smart lighting.

"You no longer need to decide if your next energy efficient light should be warm or cool white. You can now have both - and every tone in between from rich warm to cool whites," says LIFX CEO, Marc Alexander.

The White 800 is also teeming with connection through "Powered by LIFX" software and Cloud enabled for the freedom and security to control LIFX lights from anywhere in the world. LIFX integration with IFTTT enables creation of recipes that connect lights with services people use most, like weather, updates, calendars and social networks.

LIFX White 800 lights are fully compatible with the AllSeen Alliance's open source software framework, AllJoyn. They're certified 'Designed for AllSeen', ready for multi-device compatibility across the expanding Internet of Things ecosystem.

"The Internet of Things connects devices in your home. Your TV dims your lights when the movie starts, PC games adjust room lighting in real-time to match gameplay. Even your appliances can alert you by subtly blinking a light bulb in a distant room," Mr. Alexander said.

LIFX pioneered the smart light in 2012 with the first Wi-Fi-enabled, full color spectrum LED bulb that's controllable via smart device without the need for any additional hardware or professional installation, making the smart home more accessible and simpler to set up for millions of users. The LIFX White 800 utilizes a feature-rich, low-power Wi-Fi solution from Qualcomm Atheros Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated.

LIFX currently retails in USA, Europe and Australia. Plans to enter the market in China were recently announced at Microsoft's hardware conference, WinHEC Shenzhen.

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