Kickstarter - CastleHUB - Universal Smart Home Intelligence Powered by CastleOS Surpasses Kickstarter Goal in 2.5 Days

CastleOS spent two years building the most intelligent smart home automation system, and now it introduces the CastleHUB as the control center in your home, not in the cloud.

BOSTON, March 25, 2015 -- Surpassing their funding goal in less than 3 days, and stating "It's time to redefine what a smart home hub should be," the CastleHUB has been successfully launched on Kickstarter (link).

The smart home of today is made of compromises. A smart home is not just about remote control, the ability to raise and lower the lights, detect intruders, or manage your entertainment systems. A true smart home is an integrated system that knows you. It anticipates your needs, understands your voice, and learns from your habits. CastleOS spent two years building the most intelligent smart home automation system, and now it introduces the CastleHUB as the control center in your home, not in the cloud.

Beyond Automation Lies Intelligence

Elevating the smart home from mere "remote control" to true "automation", CastleOS brings to the consumer a simple yet powerful system that allows the smart home to understand its environment, respond to, and even anticipate, users' needs. With dedicated home intelligence features, CastleOS makes automating a home incredibly simple.

Lives In Your Home, Not the Cloud

The CastleHUB powered by CastleOS accomplishes this without relying on the cloud. Maximizing user privacy and security, all smart home control happens within the smart home - not in the cloud.

Breaking Down Smart Device Barriers

CastleOS includes drivers for all major smart home protocols and brands, as well as a powerful API and custom scripting capability unrivaled by any other home automation hub. Not only can the CastleHUB communicate with all smart devices, it allows those devices to communicate with each other.

World's First Whole Home Voice Control

The CastleHUB is the only smart home or entertainment hub in existence with integrated support for advanced microphone arrays. CastleOS takes advantage of this capability with the Microsoft Kinect to offer a true whole-home voice control system. In addition, it supports voice control on additional platforms like Android and Android Wear. The future of home intelligence is powered by your voice!

The CastleHUB powered by CastleOS, with its natural voice control, offers maximum living independence. Not only able to control any smart device, CastleOS also provides apps for every smart phone: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. No matter where a person is located, total control of every smart home device, from heating and lighting to security or feeding a pet, is possible with CastleOS. For additional information, please visit

About the Founder
CastleOS was founded in 2012 by Chris Cicchitelli, a life-long home automation enthusiast. Chris began his love affair with home automation after watching sci-fi as a kid growing up. He soon started purchasing early analog home automation devices in order to turn his bedroom into a starship's bridge. Years later after graduating college and working in the tech industry for several years, Chris was unsatisfied with his options as a home automation consumer, so he created his own system: CastleOS.

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