Wednesday, 18 February 2015: New Australian start up, UKnekt, have officially launched on the world stage with an Indiegogo crowdfunded campaign to support their initial production order for their smart, colour changing LED lights (Go to:

'Not another smart LED light' you may hear the tech reviewers say but with coloured smart lights retailing from $59 and upwards Uknekt Lights are making it easier for more people to enjoy this technology by launching with super competitive prices as low as $23 USD. And they have a generous Rewards referral system to earn free lights too!

UKnekt Lights are available in both Edison ES26/7 and Bayonet BC22 fittings - just replace your current light globes, download the free App and set it up (iOS 4+ and android3), plug in the bridge and connect to your home's WiFi - three easy steps then choose a colour to match your mood. UKnekt Lights give you the opportunity to go from vivid to muted and everything in between in a matter of seconds, without leaving the comfort of your seat.

With UKnekt Lights you choose from over a million colours on the RGB scale as well as five different whites from cool and bright for when you need to see detail, to warm and relaxing when you don't. Choose any colour, set any brightness and 'you connect' with your mood.

UKnekt Lights can also become an instant security feature allowing you to create timer events to turn the lights on and off automatically or manually while you're on your way home so you never have to come home to a dark house again. We let 'you connect' with greater security and convenience.

Our ethos is that competition in this space is needed to bring prices down and our prices will let more people enjoy smart WiFi colour changing lights sooner.

UKnekt Lights have deliberately styled their light in the classic globe shape but with 21st century technology - your smart LED lights don't have to look like '60s TV series robots and should add to your existing d�cor rather than detract from it. Another feature of UKnekt Lights is that the last setting is always saved in the light so you can switch them on and off with your existing switches. The App allows you to change the colour or brightness so you can have the best of both worlds. Some of the competitor colour lights turn on full white and lose their colour settings when they lose power which we found an annoying when it comes to bedside lamps and the like.

The App is very clean and intuitive, not just made for the early tech adopters, and easily operates on multiple devices in the same household.

With a 25,000 hour rating and just 7W power usage, UKnekt Lights are long life, low energy lights and produce nearly 600 Lumens (equivalent to 40W).

Hi Res images and specifications can be downloaded from:

UKnekt was started in their Sydney, Australia in 2014 by Ron Chandra and Chris Davis.

Ron has been providing IT engineering solutions for domestic and overseas companies and in early 2014 was approached to work on a connected LED lighting project.

Ron was so impressed with the technology he instead negotiated a formal alliance with the team in China on the project for exclusive rights for these lights in the English speaking countries.

Chris and Ron had worked together for Brown-Forman Australia (Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort) on a number of successful IT systems and connected refrigeration projects and when in April 2014 as part of a cost cutting exercise a number of senior roles were made redundant. Ron quickly approached Chris to secure his systems knowledge and all round practical skills to join him and UKnekt was born.

With their own impressive experience in this area, their connections to suppliers and factories around the world and their "Aussie" ingenuity their goal is to bring to market clever, quality products in the 'connected' space that deliver without hefty price tags.

There are no venture capitalists behind UKnekt, no massive marketing spend, so there is no need for high profit margins. Their products are made in the same quality assured factories that provide third party manufacturing for many known and trusted international products.

UKnekt want to let 'you connect' to these emerging technologies sooner, and believe by offering very reasonable lower prices they can be part of the competition that gets these new product prices down sooner for everyone. SAVE over 40% with once-off super-low pricing everyone can afford and start enjoying mood and smart lights sooner.

Indiegogo campaign link:
Instagram: @uknekt_lights/
Hashtag: #UKnektLights

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