NodOn - Beautiful, Reliable, Affordable Home Automation For Everyone

ID-RF presents NodOn, the new French brand of smart home devices. Our motivation is to give everyone access to home control with plug & play, well designed and affordable products. It covers different fields, such as security, comfort and energy saving.

Our solution is composed by many products, split in 4 categories

* Actuators (Smart Plug, In wall module, etc.) - To act on your existing appliances: Light, Heater, Electrical appliances, etc. and make them smarter without replacing them.

*Controllers (Remote Control, Wall Switch, etc.). - To control your home

* Sensor (Temperature, smoke, CO2, etc.) - To sense your environment.

Our products are wireless and standalone: A remote controller can switch on / off any kind of electrical appliance plugged in a Smart Plug, while a single remote can control several devices at the same time.

But above all, our products can be integrated in a wider network (manage by a third part home automation gateway) due to the compatibility of all NodOn products with home automation standard protocol, such as EnOcean ( and Z-Wave (

Some of our products are even battery-less, using ultra-innovative and patented energy harvester. No more battery replacement and maintenance needed, which makes home control smarter than ever!
EnOcean - The wireless and battery-less Home Automation standard protocol.

NodOn presented few months ago its EnOcean product range for European market (868MHz). It is today considered as the world's first EnOcean devices dedicated to consumer market, with adapted design and affordable street prices. Our 868MHz product range is available through our distributors and resellers, including:

* The Soft Remote: The award wining IP53 wireless and battery-less remote controller. Its rubber skin and its innovative energy harvester make it unbreakable and almost everlasting.

* The first fully bidirectional EnOcean® Smart Plug, with Metering features and Power Failure Notification (The plug is able to send an emergency frame if it loses the power - Perfect to secure your sensitive appliances, such as a fridge or a freezer).

* Battery-less Door / Window sensor and temperature sensor, with an extra battery slot in case of dark area use. No more maintenance needed!

Other products will be available soon, such as:

* In Wall Module: Ultra low profile in wall actuator, to control 1 channel (1*3kW) or 2 channels (2*1,5kW), with wall switch inputs.
* Micro Smart Plug: Ultra low volume Smart Plug

Starting from 2015-Q1, NodOn will start releasing the US version (902MHz) of our products. Check our roadmap for detailed schedule.

Z-Wave - The most easily available smart home technology

NodOn announced at CES 2015 its Z-Wave+ (500 Series) product range, which will be available on the market starting from 2015-Q1 for EU (868MHz) and 2015-Q2 for US (908MHz).

The first products will be:

* A cost effective Smart Plug, with many innovative features, such as Metering, Power Failure Notification (PFN) and smart Alarm management.
* A complete range of very simple and user friendly Primary controller
* Wall Switch - 4 buttons
* Z-Wave+ version of the famous Soft Remote
* Octan Remote, a reinvention of smart control, between a wall switch and a remote controller

All these products can act as primary controller, to manage a small network, or be included in a gateway based network (third part Z-Wave compliant gateway). The controller product range is equipped with the NodOn battery management technology, which guarantees a 2 years battery lifetime in a normal use. Finally, all the products are Z-Wave+ certified, the new protocol from Sigma Designs. Check our roadmap for upcoming products and detailed schedule.

Upcoming innovation!

In 2015, the DNA of NodOn will be innovation! In parallel of the products presented above, NodOn is currently developing 2 very innovative devices:

* ESP Smoke sensor (External Sampling Photoelectric): Patented breakthrough technology, able to detect smoke before it physically reaches the product. This technology will lead to the world's thinnest and most precise smoke sensor, proposed in standalone (EN14604 & UL217) or connected version (EnOcean, Z-Wave+, etc.) The smoke sensor will be on the market starting from 2015-Q3. More information will be given soon

* Cost effective CO2 sensing module: Low profile OEM module for CO2 detection (+/- 10% accuracy). Temperature, Humidity, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) in option.

NodOn will then proposed final connected products based on this technology including Z-Wave+® and EnOcean version.

The OEM module will be on the market starting from 2015-Q2. More information will be given soon.

Download the product photos here...
About ID-RF / NodOn -

ID-RF is a French company, with offices and factories in both France (South of Paris) and China (Shanghai), which creates, designs and manufactures Smart Device for home and building automation. Our products are available under our own NodOn brand or through OEM partnership. ID-RF belongs to Altyor Group (

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