2015CES - PSB VisionSound: HD Sound for HD TVs and Beyond

Alpha VS21 Offers Remarkable Performance, Simplicity and Convenience in Compact Design

CES Las Vegas NV January 5, 2015 -- PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, announced a versatile speaker solution designed to deliver high definition audio for today's HD TVs. The PSB Alpha VS21 with VisionSound™ is a three-way active design delivering big performance via its six independent amplifiers totaling 100 watts. The low-profile black-ash enclosure is designed to either go below the TV on a shelf or cabinet or be placed directly under the TV. The PSB Alpha VS21 will be available in January 2015 at an MSRP of $599.

First and foremost, the PSB VS21 delivers clear, powerful and dynamic sound. Its active three-way design brings PSB's award-winning sound to the enhanced soundbar category. The VS21 features two amplified woofers for lifelike bass that you can truly feel. For even more bass, there is a subwoofer output to add an optional powered subwoofer at any time.

The VS21 offers different ways to tailor the sound to particular applications:
• Dialog mode incorporates a clever circuit that separates vocals from background sounds making speech more intelligible and lifelike.
• WideSound™ includes three-dimensional surround-sound processing, ideal for watching movies. Add Dialog for "WideSound Plus" to combine clear dialog with surround.
• Dolby Late Night reduces sudden loud sounds while raising the level of softer sounds allowing the volume to be kept at a lower level to not disturb others.

To take advantage of the VS21's superb sound for music enjoyment, Bluetooth aptX wireless audio is included for convenient streaming from virtually any smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. Here, PSB's award-winning heritage for sound excellence is readily apparent.

For ease of installation, the VS21 is a simple one cable setup with optical or coaxial digital inputs with built-in Dolby Digital decoder that will accommodate most TVs, cable boxes and DVD/Blu-ray players. There is even a stereo analog input to allow connection to TVs, VCRs, CD players or iPods that don't have digital outputs.

The VS21 comes supplied with a remote control or the user can easily program the remote from their TV, cable box or satellite receiver. The VS21's learning remote is easy to use and puts an end to annoying remote control clutter. Programming is a quick one-time process.

For more than forty years, PSB has been best known for producing superbly engineered, critically-acclaimed products over a wide range of price points and applications. At the same time, the company has also established a reputation for delivering remarkable value in speakers for every application such as the Alpha VS21.

Like all PSB speakers, final voicing is performed by Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, at Canada's famed National Research Council. PSB's research has discovered how listener preferences can be integrated into a wide range of speaker designs for many different applications, yet all featuring consistent sound quality that is natural and lifelike.

"Today's flat panel TVs have outstanding picture quality but their sound leaves much to be desired" commented Paul Barton founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers. "Their cabinets have gotten so thin that there is no opportunity for even passable sound quality. It is well documented that good sound enhances the viewer's experience so our goal with the VS21 was to deliver nothing short of stunning sound quality for both video and audio applications".

At the upcoming CES in Las Vegas Nevada, the PSB Alpha VisionSound VS21 will be on demonstration at the Venetian Hotel in Suite 34-204. Paul Barton will be on hand along with other PSB personnel to give live presentations and answer any questions. Sister brands NAD and Bluesound will also be exhibiting there.
Key Features of PSB VisionSound VS21:

• Three-way speaker system with six independent active amplifiers.
• Simple to install. One-cable setup.
• Learning remote control is supplied or VS21 it works with your TV remote
• Subwoofer output for even more bass
• Bluetooth aptX streaming for high quality sound right from your smart device
• Three listening modes Dolby Late Night, dialog and Stereo and WideSound allow user to tailor the VS21 to their specific application.
• Final voicing performed by Paul Barton at Canada's famed NRC

About PSB
Founded in 1972, by renowned speaker designer Paul Barton, PSB is a leading global speaker brand, now celebrating more than 40 years. Currently sold in more than 70 countries around the world, for music or movie listening, the company has set the standard for high-performance, high-value speakers. PSB products are distributed in the U.S. by Lenbrook America.

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