2015CES - SYBER Releases Three New Vapor Models: Slim, Stream and a New Color at CES

SYBER is announcing three new Vapor Models at CES in Las Vegas, as part of Syber's open platform PC gaming console line. The Vapor connects via HDMI to your HDTV, has 4K capabilities and uses Windows 8.1 that will launch gamers directly into Steam's Big Picture mode.

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 6-9, 2015) - SYBER, a new division of CyberPowerPC, is announcing three new Vapor Models at CES in Las Vegas, as part of Syber's open platform PC gaming console line, along with a new limited edition color model.

"For gamers who want to break out of the bedroom and into the comfort of the living room, the Syber Vapor PC gaming console series offers the best performance at an affordable price," said Eric Cheung, CEO, CyberPowerPC.

Steam machines will run on SteamOS, an operating system based on Ubuntu Linux and produced by Valve. Steam machines will exist primarily to play Linux games that can be downloaded through SteamOS. What makes the Syber Vapor PC gaming console unique, however, is that it is coming out before the SteamOS is finished. The Vapor connects via HDMI to your HDTV, has 4K capabilities and uses Windows 8.1 that will launch gamers directly into Steam's Big Picture mode.

"We created the Syber Vapor PC gaming console to give gamers more power and more customization than the standard video game consoles like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox," said Eddie Vong, VP of Product, CyberPowerPC.

Three new Syber Vapor models are immediately available. "Based on the initial feedback from users and our partners, we wanted to create these new models to satisfy their needs whether it's a more affordable option or higher performance," said Tony Crisp, Co-Founder, Syber.

With the addition of the new Syber Vapor models, the new starting price point is $549 - with the Syber Vapor E, powered by a quad-core AMD X4-740 and GeForce GTX 750 graphics.

The Syber Vapor P provides a step up from the previous Vapor I with an Intel G3258 3.2GHz processor and AMD Radeon R9 270X graphics at $649. The last of the three new models, the Vapor K, is powered by an Intel Core i5-4690K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with a price tag of $1099.

Syber also has plans on its 2015 roadmap to launch the following new Vapor models. The Vapor Slim, a low energy, compact form factor console available in both Intel and AMD versions; and the Vapor Stream, a mini form factor console for Steam's In-Home Streaming that is based on "Bay Trail" architecture.

Models and base specs include:

Syber Vapor Slim

Syber Vapor Slim Clear Prototype

Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-core

Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WiFi

Graphics Card
Intel HD Graphics 4600

8GB DDR3 1600MHz

120B Intel SSD 730

Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit

Syber Vapor Stream

Syber Vapor Stream Prototype

Intel Celeron Processor J1900 2GHz Quad-core

2GB DDR3 1600MHz


Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit or SteamOS

The Syber Vapor PC gaming console will come bundled with free bonus content including the complete version of one of the following: Murdered: Soul Suspect, Thief, Sniper Elite, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Dirt 3, Darksider II, Grid Autosport or Shadowrun Returns along with a mini wireless keyboard and a Logitech wireless gamepad.

All six Syber Vapor PC gaming console models are available for purchase in the US through the CyberPowerPC online store www.cyberpowerpc.com/LandingPages/VenomX/SYBER/, in the UK, and select SYBER Authorized Resellers.

The Syber Vapor line can be previewed at 2015 CES at the Wynn Las Vegas, Suite 5507, 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Facebook: /sybergear
Twitter: @sybergaming
Instagram: /sybergaming


SYBER is the consumer products division of CyberPowerPC Inc. and was founded in 2014. For more information, contact 888-937-5580, email syber@sybergaming.com or visit sybergaming.com


CyberPowerPC Inc. www.cyberpowerpc.com was founded in 1998 and has emerged as a leading global provider of custom computer systems and interactive gaming products. Headquartered in Baldwin Park in Southern California, CyberPowerPC manufacturers and distributes a complete line of custom built gaming desktops, gaming notebooks and high performance workstations to meet the unique needs of gamers, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other end-users.

For more information contact: sales (800) 707-0393 or email CyberPowerPC@CyberPowerPC.com.


Steam is a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC and Mac games and digital entertainment, with over 40 million accounts around the world and over 2000 titles offered. For more information, visit www.steampowered.com.

Syber and CyberPowerPC are trademarks of CyberPowerPC, Inc. CyberPowerPC disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

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