ISE 2015 - Torus Power to Showcase its Complete Line of Premier Power Conditioning Products at Integrated Systems Europe 2015

Torus Power emphasizes performance, protection, and now also price point with its array of toroidal isolation power products suitable, including the AVR2, RM and TOT Series.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA (ISE 2015 Stand #5-R128) - DEC. 23, 2014 - Torus Power, a subsidiary of Plitron Manufacturing and maker of uncompromising, clean, isolation-transformer-based power conditioning components, will showcase its lineup for international audiences at Integrated Systems Europe 2015-from the groundbreaking IP-addressable AVR2 Series with high instantaneous power (including full-featured WM wall-mounted models), to the flagship RM Series, and now, the value-driven TOT Series. Together these solutions provide a complete offering that integrators touring ISE will note take of for its ability to provide clean, protected power to custom audio-video installations of nearly any size or configuration, customized for use anywhere in the world.

Torus Power's high-performance toroidal isolation power conditioners are used in power-hungry residential and commercial applications to significantly improve sound and video quality and performance. Not only are Torus Power products available with International outlets for use in Continental Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia, they also come with North American outlets, and can be custom specified. The Torus line meets both IEC and Neutrik standards, and shelf, rack and wall mount configurations are available throughout the line for added versatility.

The TOT Series
The Torus Power TOT Series-offered in two models, the TOT Mini (3Amp and 7Amp) and the TOT Max (15Amp)-expands the Torus Power lineup to include a value-driven unit that delivers highly effective power conditioning in a compact chassis. Employing Plitron toroidal isolation transformers and NBT noise filtering technology, the TOT Series restores incoming power to its clean original state and protects valuable systems from voltage sags, brownouts, and surges. TOT also provides very low source impedance to connected devices, enabling high current delivery-up to the rated current limit-on an instantaneous basis; ensuring dynamic components are never starved for power. TOT Mini is suitable for providing Torus isolated power to components such as digital projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media or source players, processors, and network devices. TOT Max features a larger capacity toroidal transformer and can be used with most audio systems and mid-power amplifiers.

The AVR2 Series
Utilizing Plitron's toroidal isolation transformers to provide high instantaneous power and protect connected equipment from electrical fluctuations and surges, Torus Power's AVR2 power-conditioning series is designed for large-scale custom installations such as studios, consumer home theatre and audio system installations, and other mission-critical applications. The AVR2 Series features two models: the AVR2 8 and AVR2 16, both of which provide enhanced Ethernet (IP) control and monitoring functionality in addition to automatic voltage regulation and reboots, versatile scheduling options, and individually addressable outlet zones. The wall-mounted WM versions provide the high standard of performance Torus Power is known for in a convenient wall-mount form factor, allowing for greater flexibility in projects with dedicated wiring. Highly versatile, Torus Power AVR2 and WM models boast toroidal isolation from the main electrical grid, automatic voltage regulation, two levels of surge suppression, remote monitoring and control and Crestron-compatible RS-232 ports.

The RM Series
The RM Series, Torus Power's original line of reliable, affordable power conditioners have been providing clean, protected power to custom audio video installations for years. Torus Power RM Series toroidal isolation power conditioners are suited for a variety of installations from simple front-end systems to complex custom installations. Available in several configurations for international use, RM Series models include the RM 8 and RM 16. RM 8 is an 8Amp model and RM 16 is a 16Amp model. Both are available with either 220V or 240V Input and Output Voltage; with five or eight outlets; and as 3U to 4U chassis sizes to accommodate shelf, rack or wall mount applications.

Torus Power is a Crestron Integrated Partner and also a member of Savant's Partner in Excellence Program, which enables seamless integration across platforms. More information about Torus Power can be obtained by visiting, calling +1 (800) 754-8766, writing to, and by following @TorusPower on twitter. For a live demo of these exciting power products and the effect they can have on performance, visit Torus' stand #5-R128 at ISE 2015.

About Torus Power
Toroidal isolation power conditioners by Torus Power are the world's finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Dramatically increasing performance levels of connected AV components from video displays to speakers, Torus Power Conditioners utilize Plitron Manufacturing's patented NBT technologies and toroidal isolation transformers to eliminate virtually all power-line noise artifacts and protect equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events, while increasing system reliability and extending product life, by establishing clean incoming power from which connected components can draw upon and use. Thereby providing high levels of clean, instantaneous current, Torus Power products ensure that dynamic components-such as high performance amplifiers-are never starved for power.

Plitron Manufacturing precision-engineered products are a sought-after supplier of toroidal transformers and toroidal-based products for leading AV amplifier brands-as well as medical, broadcast, telecommunications, computer, power conditioning, UPS, energy, and more. Torus Power is manufactured to rigorous standards under Plitron's ISO 9001 medical-level quality-control system in Toronto, Canada. Learn more by visiting and by following @TorusPower on Twitter.

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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

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