NordVPN Expands its Virtual Private Network Service to the U.S. Consumer Market

NordVPN is expanding its VPN service to the U.S. consumer market, bringing with it the same user-friendly approach that has gained it an international following. NordVPN offers secure connections everywhere, protection against hackers or thieves, and full anonymity on the Internet.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (DECEMBER 19, 2014) - NordVPN is a leading virtual network provider, but prefers to downplay the geek speak in favor of a more user-friendly approach that promises secure hotspot connections, protection against hackers or thieves, full anonymity on the Internet, and click-and-go software that gets you set up in seconds. As the company embarks on aggressive expansion in the US, it has taken no technology shortcuts; it just wants to offer the most secure and advanced service free of techno-babble.

With NordVPN consumers can fly under the radar and surf the Internet in stealth mode. The service provides complete anonymity to the customer through military-grade encryption.

Neither the ISP nor government can track you, see which websites you visit, see what you download, or monitor whether you use services such as Skype or other applications. Your origin IP is hidden, preventing others from monitoring your online communications and browsing activity. You can switch freely between multiple global server locations. The company maintains more than 30 servers in 20 countries with 24/7 hardware monitoring and 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

The service is also the best choice when using an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot when you are away from home. Users get secure connections to hotspots to protect you against data theft, privacy breaches, and cyberattacks over Wi-Fi.

NordVPN provides access to content all over the world. In some areas of the world, restrictions exist on specific web sites or content types. Using NordVPN you can access all content. Users can freely stream Hulu, Netflix and other crystal-clear HD video from any part of the world. Blocked social websites, file sharing services, and VoIP applications are just a click away with NordVPN.

"Our goal is simple, we want to be the most technically advanced and trusted service anywhere," said Marty Kamden, Marketing Manager for NordVPN. "NordVPN creates a secure connection between your computer and the Internet, guarding your data and devices, your privacy, and your online freedom. But most important, you do not need to be technically savvy to immediately enjoy all our benefits."

NordVPN is quick and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required. An account can be activated in one minute after ordering. Not long after, you are securely connected to the Internet.

NordVPN's many features include:

• Advanced security, fail-proof encryption measures, complete user anonymity

• Bypass Internet censorship restrictions

• Protect yourself at Wi-Fi hotspots, secure online purchases when you travel

• Hide your personal data and activity from your ISP

• Access to location-restricted sites, bypass ISP's who block VOIP services

• Block unwanted advertising

• Live chat, e-mail support

• No bandwidth or speed limitations

• 2 simultaneous devices allowed

• Free security tools like web proxy, encrypted chat, secret notes

One year service plans are offered at $5.05 per month.

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About NordVPN

NordVPN is a leading virtual private network (VPN) provider. The company provides its customers with military-grade protection online, and access to all their favorite sites without restriction. Its VPN is used to encrypt your data connection preventing ISPs from seeing what you are downloading or performing traffic analysis and Bittorrent throttling. NordVPN never logs customer activity when using its servers. The company's servers are located worldwide and operated under the jurisdiction of Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. Users are assured of 100% private access to the Internet.

NordVPN is a brand of Tefincom co S.A., which has been selling dedicated servers, web hosting services and different web solutions since 2008.

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