Let There be Wireless Light!

Aura LLC Creates the First Ever, Wirelessly Powered Christmas Lights

November 20, 2014 - Let there be wireless light! Powered by Aura LLC is lighting up Christmas trees in futuristic style with its introduction of the first ever, wirelessly powered Christmas lights. Their product is truly a gift to anyone who's tired of untangling wires of their Christmas lights every year.

Over years of research and development, the team of engineers behind Aura have created a foolproof design that is adaptable to every tree, new or old, tall or short, real or manmade. To use Aura lights, simply snap its power source on, plug it in to the nearest outlet, and hide it in the tree or under the tree skirt. With the unmatchable strength of Aura's power source, there's no more wasted time on finding the bad bulb in your lights.

Aura ensures complete safety with its bulbs, by conducting their wireless energy through a magnetic field that only interacts with specifically tuned devices. Aura's Power Ring safely provides all the energy the lights need, wirelessly. Just hang them like ornaments and they light up automatically. From the beginning, Aura was designed to be a safer Christmas light. By removing the wires that short circuit, heat, or spark in your tree, Aura eliminates the potential fire hazards of traditional Christmas lights. For even more safety, the company uses LEDs which produce close to zero heat. In addition to being able to power up to 100 wireless lights, Aura's Power Ring has been designed to be invisible. Hide it underneath the tree skirt for trees up to 5 feet tall or in the middle of a tree for taller trees. Its forest green color camouflages it, making it even harder to see. Since the LEDs never need to be changed, users can permanently seal the ornament to prevent damage, creating a more reliable Christmas light, and saving customers from buying new lights every year.

Aura ornaments are smartphone accessible, with smartphone controlled energy efficient LED lights. Select WiFi when purchasing Aura and control your tree from your smartphone. Turn it on or off, set lighting schedules, timers, and more.

"The first ever, wirelessly powered Christmas lights," the Aura company motto holds true to what their lights are capable of, and they have just scratched the surface to a line of products that will surely make Christmas merrier. The lights outshine any of the average Christmas lights by 20 years!

Powered by Aura recently launched their Kickstarter campaign. For more information on the company and how you can support, visit http://bit.ly/PoweredByAura.

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