Arrive enters into a strategic alliance with Global Cache to provide end-to-end automation with Arrive's Internet-of-Edgeless-Things platform

When integrated with Global Cache control interfaces, control designers will be able to shed the shackles of traditional hardware centered room controls systems, complex programming scripting and UI design.

Cypress, CA and and Jacksonville, OR, USA - November 17, 2014 - Arrive Systems, Inc. ( the edgeless media company announced its strategic alliance with Global Cache, the leading independent manufacturer of IP and WiFi connectivity products for the control and automation market.

Arrive's Edgeless Media Server and Appliances operate seamlessly to provide cloud based distributed control and automation over the globally connected IP network standards platform. Global Cache's products connect almost any electrically operated device throughout a building to a WiFi and/or IP network so it can be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software, smartphones, and handheld devices.

When integrated with Global Cache control interfaces, control designers will be able to shed the shackles of traditional hardware centered room controls systems, complex programming scripting and UI design. They will be able to move into the realm of cloud based distributed control while continuing to achieve multi-protocol control execution. Arrive EM Server supports sending commands over TCP/IP to Global Cache interfaces via Serial Control ports such as RS232 / RS485, relays and contract closure as well as IR. Arrive Edgeless Controls will soon support industrial control protocols such as MODBUS, BACNet and LONTALK over IP.

Aseem Gupta, CEO of Arrive Systems, said "The Internet of Things (called IoT in short) is a growing network of everyday objects - from industrial machines to consumer and professional electronics - that can share information and complete tasks while the user is busy with other activities, like work, sleep or exercise. Arrive's EMS2.0 CloudPoint platform is an IoT-ready software with automated UI design and multi-protocol-control-communications."

Made up of millions of sensors and devices that generate constant streams of data, the IoT can be used to improve our lives and our businesses in many ways. Using this infrastructure, objects or assets can communicate with each other and even optimize activities between them based on the analysis of data streaming through the network and the computing systems that make use of the data flowing to and from our things.

"Today we are pleased to create this strategic alliance with Global Cache in offering an end-to-end IoT device management solution. Our gold technology development partnerships with companies such as Intel and Microsoft provide us a robust and proven backbone to build our IoT solution stack" Gupta added.

"At Global Cache, we're excited about the cloud and IP opportunities that Arrive is bringing to market and about our collaboration with Arrive Systems. This is an important partnership for us in the IoT industry. We're looking forward to addressing this growing customer base with Arrive and introducing Arrive's Internet-of-Edgeless-Things solutions to our customers," said Robin Ford, VP of Business Development at Global Cache.

Arrive's leading collaboration workflow platform called ARRIVE Edgeless Media (EM) is an end-to-end workflow for central management of collaboration rooms, devices and the scheduling, orchestration, automation and management process workflow. Recently ARRIVE announced its next generation simplified, unified solution for collaboration meeting spaces, meeting room devices and software systems - ARRIVE FacePoint positioned as the extreme collaboration solution in the industry.

Designed as an open standards platform and built on proven network and server topology ARRIVE EMS helps your customers deliver on their technology promise and realize the best return on their technology investment.

About Arrive Systems, Inc.
Arrive Systems Inc. ("ARRIVE") a Cypress CA based US company, provides factory integrated solutions as well as innovative hardware and software platforms to offer unified communication & collaboration (UC&C) advantages by enabling high performance environments in education, enterprise, government, healthcare and hospitality markets. The company's innovative and green ICT solutions are used for Extreme Collaboration, Interactive Room Signage, Lecture Capture, Internet-of-Things, Cloud Media Processing and Wireless Connectivity.

Arrive's Edgeless Media products are created to provide the ability for systems integrators and users to benefit from the AV and IT crossover opportunity of merging the wired world of AV with the wireless and cloud connected world of IT.

About Global Cache, Inc.
Global Cache is designs, engineers, and manufactures connectivity products that IP and WiFi enable previously unconnected devices in homes and businesses so they can be accessed, controlled, and automated using network-based software on smartphones, tablets, controllers, and computing devices. In addition to our iTach, iTach Flex, and GC-10 Network Adapter product families, Global Cache, winner of many industry awards, including the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree award, two prestigious CEPro Product of the Year awards, provides the industry's first online IR database, IR learner, IR blasters, sensors, receivers, and conversion cables. Global Cache sells through distributors, VARs, and OEMs. For more information on Global Cache and our products and services or to place an order, visit online at or call us at 541-899-4800.

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