Kickstarter - Artison Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Industry's Smallest High-Performance Subwoofer

Audiophiles and home entertainment enthusiasts can earn the opportunity to be among the first to purchase the subwoofer, and at a significant savings

MINDEN, Nev., Oct. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Artison, a leading designer of advanced, eclectic loudspeakers for home entertainment systems, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to complete its first-ever freestanding subwoofer in over 10 years, the RCC Nano 1, a small sub with performance that is comparable to full size versions. The campaign will support the final stages of product development and give home theater fans and music lovers an opportunity to be among the first to purchase the revolutionary subwoofer - and at a significant savings.

The Nano 1 Kickstarter campaign is live as of today, with videos about the product, program and benefits. Artison's Kickstarter page is Contributor benefits include an opportunity to own a Nano 1 for $399, which represents a 60% discount off the suggested retail price, in addition to a top-shelf opportunity for a VIP two-day trip for two to Lake Tahoe that includes lunch with legendary speaker designer Cary Christie, luxury accommodations at a hotel on the lake, and a two-day ski pass.

Artison's Nano 1 - Massive Output from a Miniscule Enclosure

Artison displayed a functioning Nano 1 prototype at the CEDIA Expo 2014 in September and received exceptionally positive feedback from attendees and the press. The free-standing subwoofer is the smallest truly high-performance subwoofer in the world. It is designed to pack a powerful, high-quality bass range into a small, unobtrusive cube that can accompany virtually any high-end audio and home entertainment system in nearly every decor imaginable.

Measuring only 7.5" x 8" x 9" including feet and grilles, this compact 300-watt powerhouse has the piston area of an oversized 8" woofer. Constructed of 6061 T6 Aluminum, the Nano 1's enclosure is both rigid and thin, which are both highly desirable subwoofer characteristics.

The Nano 1 incorporates Artison's industry-leading reactance cancelling configuration (vibration-free) design, which ensures not only frequency response, increased efficiency and discernibly lower distortion, but also secure placement - crucial in a freestanding speaker. Outfitted with variable crossovers and dual active 6.5" long throw aluminum drivers, it is an ideal choice for delivering omni-directional low-frequency sound waves in any room or zone, regardless of placement.

"We opted for a Kickstarter campaign because we felt that it was a great way to get audio fans, our customers, involved in the development of this important new subwoofer," said Cary Christie, Artison's iconic founder and chief designer. "Plus they'll get a chance to be among the first to own the Nano 1, and at a significant discount."

Cary Christie: Over 40 Years of Sonic Innovation
With more than four decades of groundbreaking designs and innovation to his name, Christie is one of the pioneers of high-end speaker design. He was the co-founder of Infinity Systems in 1968, which developed many of the mainstays of modern loudspeaker design. His track record of technological and design innovations is among the most celebrated in the industry.

Christie left Infinity in 1993, after 25 years, and later joined high-end audio manufacturer Acoustic Research, where he served as CEO and head of product development before founding Artison in 2003.
Artison's focus has been creating a true immersion experience in home entertainment, what Christie calls the Total Involvement Experience™. The company has led the market in the development of attachable loudspeakers for flat-panel televisions, delivering dynamic sound for home entertainment in a stylistically subtle yet extremely practical footprint.

Artison plans to ship the Nano 1 to early Kickstarter contributors in January '15, and to late supporters in March 2015. It will be available to the general public in January as well. The MAP will be $899, though Kickstarter supporters will receive varying discounts depending on their level of participation. A compatible wireless transmitter will also be available for $99 MAP.

About Artison
For a decade the company has set the standard in innovative solutions for today's lifestyle based home entertainment systems. Artison has become a world leader in elegant audio solutions through the development of unique technological advancements and careful attention to the delicate balance of performance and aesthetics. The company is headquartered at 2231 Meridian Blvd., #1, Minden, NV 89423, phone 775-783-4770, or visit the Artison Web site at

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