oort Launches First Product for its Smart Home and Business Ecosystem

oort's New Online Store Enables Customers to Purchase Bluetooth Smart System Products Designed for the Internet of Things

SAN FRANCISCO--oort, inventor of the unique, patent-pending technology that lets users create smarter homes and businesses, has today launched its online store to offer the first system of smart devices based exclusively on Bluetooth Smart, that can be controlled with a single app.

"We want to take the Internet of Things (IoT) in an entirely new direction," said Radek Tadajewski, CEO of oort. "Nowadays, almost all smart home systems are based on multi-radio technology, so they can't focus on developing additional capabilities and mainly offer only basic features. Our technology is based exclusively on Bluetooth Smart and focusing on one best-of-breed communication platform allows us to innovate in ways other solutions can't."

Users can control oort's smart devices from the smartphones and tablets that they already own, such as Android or iOS devices, or with any Internet-enabled browser when devices are used in conjunction with oort's SmartHub. By picking which elements of the system are the most useful for them, users can build their own customized smart home environments. oort's system will provide users with myriad options, such as the ability to remotely control connected devices, create custom actions based on "if this then that" conditional statements, microfencing or even locating belongings.

"Our goal is to enable both end-users and manufacturers to make their devices smarter and grow the world of connected devices," Tadajewski continued. "Developers and makers will be able to pre-order our DeveloperKIT, which includes an oort SmartHub, several oort SmartBeacons and software that will allow them to mold the product to their particular needs. We can also provide manufacturers and partners with everything they need to create their own connected environment, including hardware, an open API and a customized app."

The first available product in oort's online shop is SmartLED. It's an energy-efficient smart light bulb that can be controlled from oort-compatible mobile phones, with over 16 million color options available to choose from. With the swipe of a finger, oort's app can instantly change the atmosphere of a room or schedule actions up to one week in advance. The online store will also offer a variety of other smart devices for pre-order that will ship in late-November 2014.

oort devices available for pre-order include:

*SmartHub - The heart of oort's intelligent ecosystem, a gateway between smart devices and smart sensors that lets users control all networked devices with an easy-to-use app or web browser. Through the mobile app or web browser users can control, monitor and analyze their home or business' devices from anywhere in the world and define set actions between devices.

*SmartFinder - A beacon that lets users instantly locate lost items with their smartphone. It includes an audio beep that can be deployed via the mobile app or web browser to make it easier to find an item and to aid the visually impaired.

*SmartSocket - A wall plug that can automate, track and measure the power consumption of all connected electronic devices.

*SmartLamp - An intelligent energy efficient LED lamp that can change colors and brightness on demand and be tracked via the oort mobile app or web browser.

*DeveloperKIT - A complete development kit that will speed development and integration of third-party devices and accessories. It includes an oort SmartHub, four beacons and the necessary software.


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oort is a technology that lets you control your whole living environment with a single app. It's simple, universal and created to bring comfort and peace of mind to you and your family.


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