Libratone Takes Award-Winning Wireless Speakers to the Next Level

Coming to American Retail December 2014

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 15, 2014 -- Libratone Inc. increases the flexibility and versatility of its award-winning ZIPP and LOOP speakers by adding Bluetooth 4.0*, APT-X and Near Field Communication to the speakers' streaming capabilities.

Greater Freedom with WiFi and Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.0 APT-X delivers direct streaming in CD-quality, and with Bluetooth Smart, devices can stay paired for hours and even days, without losing connection. Near Field Communication (NFC) makes Bluetooth pairing and setup a breeze.

"Superior sound quality has always been our primary focus when it comes to engineering our speakers. We have found WiFi streaming to be an optimal way to achieve this goal, but we also understand that convenience is just as valuable to our users. By adding Bluetooth as another avenue for streaming we aim to further simplify set-up and daily use so that users can now stream their sound from any device, anywhere and anytime they want," said Libratone Inc. CEO, Gregg Stein.

Social Streaming

Users can also connect to their ZIPP or Loop through their home WiFi network via AirPlay** or DLNA*** technology. Thanks to built-in Spotify Connect**** software, users can seamlessly stream millions of songs from Spotify to their WiFi connected Libratone speakers without interruption from an unstable connection, incoming calls or loss of signal range. Using HTC Connect***** users can also stream to their ZIPP and LOOP speakers with a simple three-finger swipe up the screen of their phone to enjoy audio within seconds without losing the slightest bit of quality. The sound profiles of both speakers can be customised to fit any environment through the free Libratone App.

"We want our users to enjoy their music among loved ones and friends. Now, anyone who is familiar with Bluetooth or WiFi streaming can connect and share their favorite songs and playlists in just seconds using the Libratone ZIPP or LOOP. With NFC, users can pair their speaker in just seconds simply by hovering the phone over the Libratone logo on their speaker. This is just another way that we can ensure our users have a flawless streaming and listening experience," said Gregg Stein.

New Colors and Materials

The new WiFi/Bluetooth version of Libratone's portable, battery-driven ZIPP speaker will be available in a Salty Grey wool cover variant with a brown leather handle as well as the classic Pepper Black version with a black leather handle. The WiFi/Bluetooth version of the duo-standable or wall-mountable Libratone LOOP speaker will now come with a Pepper Black wool cover. New ZIPP and LOOP customers are invited to select one free additional cover of their choice by registering their product via the Libratone App or the Libratone website.

Coming to American Retail this December

Libratone ZIPP WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 and LOOP WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 will be available for purchase in early December of 2014. Preliminary pricing for Libratone ZIPP WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 will start at $399.95****** and Libratone LOOP WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 will start at $499.95******. Both can be purchased through authorized Libratone retailers, online shops and Extra covers will be sold separately in a range of colors to suit all tastes and complement any home decor.

Also available in the Libratone family of wireless speakers is Libratone ZIPP, a portable, battery-driven speaker that goes where you go; Libratone LOOP, a versatile speaker for walls and shelves; and Libratone LIVE, a powerful sound system that fills even large rooms with great sound.

About Libratone Inc.
Libratone is a global wireless speaker company that marries beautiful design with exceptional sound in its lineup of easy-to-use, beautifully crafted products. With a mission to free consumers from the traditionally clunky black boxes and compromised audio quality that dominates the speaker market today, Libratone offers a range of products including in-home soundbars, smaller units for multi-room use, and a fully portable battery-powered version. Draped in a variety of vibrantly colored Italian wool sleeves, Libratone's speakers are designed to integrate flawlessly with modern home decor. Headquartered globally in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with U.S. headquarters just outside Boston, Libratone is dedicated to delivering freedom and purity of sound through their speakers since 2009.

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