Droplit Creates Solution to Control All Smart Home Devices from One Simple Remote

The Droplit home system with Droplit Cue customizable remote control are compatible with most existing devices, adding compatibility as future devices enter market

The creator of Droplit is aiming to make smart home devices easily controllable and accessible to everyone by launching their latest product, the Droplit home system, that securely connects with a user's smart devices via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and Z-Wave.

With the Droplit home system, smart home owners are able to control all of their smart devices, like smart
bulbs, smart speakers, smart switches, smart thermostats and more, from anywhere in the world with just one, convenient remote or smartphone app.

"As users adopt more and more smart home devices, they're going to find that the experience is clumsy and inconsistent," says founder Bryan Jenks. "I wanted to create something that is as simple as turning on the television."

Users can now set timers for their smart devices and even create "scenes" with Droplit, where users can make several devices switch to a predefined state all at once. For example, users can have lights turn on to a dimmed brightness while their favorite song plays via their WiFi speakers. Droplit knows the state of every device at any point in time, so setting a scene is simple - users put the room in the desired state, and capture the scene with Droplit.

The Droplit system focuses on making the most of devices that are already on the shelf, like Belkin WeMo and WeMo Insight appliance switches, SONOS Smart Speakers, Philips Hue Smart Bulbs and more, so users are not locked into a narrow selection of peripherals provided by one single company. With a huge focus on expandability, the next wave of smart devices will be supported by the Droplit system, and the Droplit
developer platform offers endless possibilities.

On Wednesday, November 5th Jenks will release Droplit for pre-sale on Kickstarter. His funding goal is set to $50,000 - if Jenks pre-sells $50,000 worth of devices, he will receive the funds from Kickstarter to proceed with manufacturing the first production run of Droplit.

To learn more about Droplit and its upcoming Kickstarter campaign, visit www.getdroplit.com.

About Droplit
Droplit is a new company that focuses on making smart home integration as simple and seamless as possible.
The company's latest creation, the Droplit Home System, uses WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and Z-Wave to connect and control all of a home's smart devices from just one app or remote. To learn more about Droplit, visit www.getdroplit.com.

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