AlertMe launches OmniaTM the platform to deliver millions of connected homes

A highly scalable, interoperable and open platform to meet the challenges of the rapidly accelerating market for the connected home

London, 24 September 2014. AlertMe the mass deployed connected home technology company has launched its' new next-generation connected home platform OmniaTM. The platform has been designed to address the technology challenges of interoperability at scale as the IoT for the home begins its significant growth.

Based on AlertMe's five years experience in developing connected home services for the mass market, the platform uses engineering best practice to deliver scalability, interoperability and resilience with a consistent user experience.

Omnia also delivers several unique, next generation features based on AlertMe's own IP, to rapidly accelerate the development of the market for connected homes.

Device Adoption - is now extremely scalable, allowing rapidly accelerated deployment of many new devices.

*AlertMe achieves this by standardising features and descriptions for different devices and communications protocols through abstraction of these features to the software level. This dramatically simplifies the on-boarding and management of devices and also ensures well defined APIs and highly user-friendly SDKs for device and applications developers.
*By managing the complexities and fragmentation of today's smart technology, Omnia allows the deployment of multiple device types independent of brand, market sector and communications protocol.

Portability - 'brain in the cloud' and 'brain in the home,' allows the platform to run software simultaneously across the cloud, hub or any other home CPE.

*This provides flexibility and resilience (in the event of broadband drop out or latency) and allows AlertMe to embed its' hub software in any alternative home gateway (STB, media player, router or games console) or run hubless with IP to the edge.

Synthetic Devices - combine physical devices or their specific features to create new devices 'in software' without additional hardware.

*A synthetic device, which is treated like any other device in the ecosystem, realises the full potential of device abstraction and rapidly expands the potential number of new customer propositions without adding new devices.

Sensor Data Fusion - patented methodology for combining data from multiple sensors in the home with external data to create 'sentient' high quality decision-making services on the platform.

*E.g. occupancy detection model combined with scheduling and time of day/year for intelligent automation of heating, hot water, light, locks etc.

Mary Turner CEO of AlertMe says: "We believe the connected home is about 'things' and software that have to work together harmoniously and at scale to provide relevant and useful services for the consumer. With Omnia, we have made it our job to manage the complexities and make the technology invisible to the end user so it 'just works'.

Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Strategies, Strategy Analytics says: "AlertMe's Omnia platform provides the type of software infrastructure required for the next generation of smart home applications which needs to be flexible, extensible and intelligent. Consumers don't want to manage their homes one device at a time-most will not even want to consciously deal with all the devices in their home. Consumers want managing their homes to be simple so they can better manage their lives.

"We expect to see an explosion of devices installed in homes globally. The number of smart homes will nearly quadruple by 2020 to more than 250 million, each with an average of 20 monitoring or control devices - that's 5 billion devices. The Omnia platform goes beyond providing connectivity to Things it is designed to allow solution providers to orchestrate the activities of Things so value can be derived from all of the Things working together. I think AlertMe has raised the bar for other platform providers with the introduction of Omnia."

*AlertMe is an award winning fast-growth technology Company, reaching revenues of �£17.8m in 2013.
*It provides the platform for Hive Active Heating from British Gas, which is already deployed in 100k homes across the UK. It is also the Data Analytics platform for the British Gas smart meter data service Smart Energy Report, already received by 350k homes.
*In the USA, AlertMe is also the technology platform for the IRIS Smart Home Management System from Lowe's, the second largest home improvement retailer in the world with 1800 stores. IRIS provides a complete platform that coordinates over 50 home devices from 22 different household brands in a single home ecosystem.

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