CEDIA 2014 - On Controls Connect Delivers Enhanced Remote Connectivity Functionality to Control and Automation Platform

Compact and affordable solution simplifies installation for integrators while delivering the secure, encrypted remote access customers desire

Detroit, MI September 10, 2014 - On Controls (www.oncontrols.com), a leader in cloud-based smart home and commercial control solutions for professional installers, has announced today the introduction of On Controls Connect, a compact, energy efficient and easy to deploy hardware solution that streamlines the process of adding remote connectivity to the On Controls control and automation platform. On Controls Connect delivers the safety and convenience of remote connectivity that customers want while freeing integrators from the complexities associated with configuring local area networks.

For the custom integrator, On Controls Connect not only simplifies the process of adding remote connectivity to a new or existing On Controls system-Connect also makes system maintenance a snap. The Connect hardware requires no shelf or rack space and can be installed anywhere there is an Ethernet jack accessible, giving integrators a remote connectivity solution that is not reliant on complex network configurations. "As a result of the rapidly expanding market for remote access to control and automation features in both residential and commercial applications, we developed On Controls Connect to deliver that functionality in the most efficient manner possible," explained On Controls CEO Itai Ben-Gal.

Using the new Connect along with On Controls on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network, users can log in from anywhere, enabling them to remotely monitor and control their smart technologies such as security cameras, door locks, lighting, thermostats, garage doors and other intelligent devices. All remote communications are encrypted to ensure a safe and secure environment for users. As an additional advantage, On Controls Connect keeps track of all smart devices (by IP address) and automatically realigns the system in case of a power failure or reboot event. Pairing new portable controllers (phones and tablets) to Connect is a nearly effortless process as well.

"On Controls Connect streamlines the process of providing users with secure remote access to home automation features such as lighting, audio, thermostat and more," explained Lacey Van Kirk of Monarc Tree, a company bringing smart home functionality to the apartment rental marketplace. "This increased efficiency has enabled our team to remain nimble and to pass on innovation and value to our customers."

On Controls Connect is a feature-rich, affordable remote connectivity solution that brings tremendous value to both integrators and end-users based upon a nominal annual fee. On Controls Connect will be available through the On Controls dealer network beginning Q4, 2014.

System of Choice

The On Controls platform has become the control and automation solution of choice for a broad range of integrators and enterprise clients. One of the world's leading retailers, Best Buy recently selected On Controls to run their A/V demos in 470 Magnolia locations, with additional outlets and applications planned. Despite the influx of new A/V components into their showrooms every three months, Best Buy corporate employees are able to remotely manage all changes from their headquarters and update each store's system as new models arrive. This enables Magnolia sales staff to access new product artwork and specifications instantly from an iPad as they are interacting with consumers.

Please visit On Controls at the 2014 CEDIA Expo, Booth 1132

About On Controls: On Controls brings the convenience, luxury and security of advanced control and automation technology for residential and commercial applications to the Apple and Android phones and tablets already familiar to millions of users. An award-winning Wi-Fi-based platform, On Controls leverages the efficiency of the cloud, enabling integrators to deliver more features and better service to their commercial and connected home clients. From a single room to the largest applications, On Controls allows integrators to initialize, upgrade, add new features and sync remote setups to a client's tablet or phone via a web portal from anywhere in the world. On Controls is an intuitive, reliable, robust, and reboot-free system that will simplify your life! www.oncontrols.com

Featured Product

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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

C1M1 offers a truly significant reduction in transmission time in comparison to other communicators that rely on dial capture or data bus decoding. This can result in quicker response time to emergency situations which could save lives and assets. By providing both IP and cellular pathways, C1M1 provides the reliability installers are looking for in an alarm communicator. C1M1 eliminates port forwarding and extra fees for remote access. Installers can remotely upload/download programming changes to M1 controls over IP or cellular using ElkRP2. Consumers can control the M1 remotely via the free ElkLink mobile app and web portal, as well as eKeypad and M1 Touch Pro apps. Other IP-based software and interface partners can connect to the M1 control over the local network through C1M1. C1M1 also provides email/text notifications for arm, disarm, and alarm events. ELK-C1M14GSM supports GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile) networks and ELK-C1M1CDMA supports CDMA (Verizon) networks.