Find Out New Networking Skills, Improve Business Efficiency and Boost Customer Service

Hayward, CA - Pakedge Device and Software is offering dedicated Manufacturer Product Training for dealers keen to learn more about A/V networking and benefit from the experience at CEDIA Expo 2014 (September, 10-13, Denver Convention Center, Denver, CO).

"Building a Recurring Revenue Business with Pakedge" (Room 603, Friday September 12, 10:00 am - 11:30 am; Saturday September 13, 12:00 noon - 1.30pm) will focus on how dealers can monitor, manage, and maintain A/V networks remotely to increase customer peace of mind and help them grow revenue using Pakedge's BakPak Cloud Management System (CMS). "Simplify Your Network with the Pakedge RE-1 router and the C36 Wireless Controller"(Mile High Ballroom 2B, Friday September 12, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm; Saturday September 13, 12:00 noon - 1.30pm) will introduce installers to Pakedge's 4K ready router for smaller systems, and to train installers on how they can build better performing wireless systems, save time, lower labor costs, and satisfy clients all at once using the Pakedge C36 wireless controller for large installation projects.

Pakedge's cutting edge BakPak Cloud Management System (CMS) provides installers with instant access and management to their clients' networks. They can achieve a steady stream of recurring revenue and ensure that happy clients stay happy-all with just the swipe of a fingertip. The RE-1 Media Router is Pakedge's newest router, and brings the power and flexibility of enterprise networking to basic networks at an affordable price. Built with A/V networks in mind, the Pakedge RE-1 bundles a deceptively simple, user-friendly interface with the performance and features required by today's demanding network appliances. Ideal for basic residential and commercial networks reliant on media streaming, the RE-1 is perfect for whole-network media sharing. The C36 Wireless Controller acts as the brain of a network, unifying multiple WAPs as one to simplify network management, minimise room for error, and shorten hours of installation time to just minutes. The use of these three products allows installers to provide a more comprehensive, efficient service.

"The theme of this year's CEDIA Expo is hyperchange. There is no shortage of new network-based technologies introduced into the marketplace," says Nick Phillips, Vice President of Sales at Pakedge. "However, the realization of hyperchange is limited by the number of skilled network technicians at hand, and today there is a very real talent shortage in the industry. With the emergence of DIY solutions sold through mass market retail channels, dealers must be more vigilant than ever to maintain and increase their value-add to their customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of the opportunity here at CEDIA Expo to get all the training they can, because once they return home, finding focused time for training will be difficult."

He adds, "The Custom Electronics/Custom Installation market is where the latest and most advanced technologies appear first, and it is critical that dealers be on the forefront of bringing these to their customers. In addition to foundation building CEDIA-led courses, dealers should also take advantage of manufacturer product training (MPT) courses. For example, Pakedge is offering MPT courses for our BakPak Cloud Management System, our RE-1 router, and our high power, high throughput wireless network systems. Our trainings are designed specifically to help dealers not only to understand our products, but also provide training on how they can take back to their markets and immediately grow their business. Many manufacturers do a good job at product training, but often fall short on sales training. Our MPT classes focus on both the technical and the business side."

Once dealers have identified their preferred Pakedge training session on the CEDIA schedule page, they can use the online registration system to confirm their plans.

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