Skylink Introduces the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit

All-in-one, DIY kit offers homeowners a complete alarm system with added video monitoring features, conveniently controlled by a smartphone app

TORONTO - (September 2, 2014) - Skylink, a leading provider of DIY home safety solutions, today introduced an alarm system kit that provides families with a simple and affordable way to secure and monitor their homes. The SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit is controlled by the Internet Hub and includes a motion sensor, keychain remote, and 2 door or window sensors. By connecting Skylink's Internet Hub to a wireless internet router, the security system coordinates the activities of all receivers and sensors with the help of the iOS and Android smartphone app.

With Skylink's app, users have complete control of the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit which allows users to arm and disarm their alarm systems from anywhere. If the door or window sensor detects motion, the internet hub will send the user a push notification through the app. The app also allows users to view events that set off alarms through the live video monitoring that can be observed through a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit features a backup battery. In case of a power failure, all units and sensors would continue to work as a local alarm with an external siren. The SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit can be paired with an emergency dialer that connects through a phone line to notify the user of the triggered alarm.

SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit Features:

*Affordable home alarm system with no monthly fees or long-term contracts

*Works with up to 100 wireless sensors and controllers and 10 wireless cameras

*Smartphone app allows users to track all recent sensor activations and notifies them who has armed and disarmed the system and at what point in time

*Keychain Remote allows children and elderly people to arm and disarm the alarm system, as well as press the panic button without using a smartphone

*Cloud technology safely brokers the connection between the user and their home

*App allows up to 6 users to monitor one or various locations at the same time

"The SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit gives homeowners a more hands on experience of providing their families with a safer home, while cutting costs on monitoring fees," says Skylink's President, Gallen Tsui. "The system provides a wide range of home monitoring features that include anything from greeting your children with the live video monitoring when they get home from school to arming and disarming your remote vacation home. An added safety feature includes the backup battery that provides power to the system if the electricity is cut, still allowing an external siren to be set off."

What's Included In The Kit (Model: SK-200):

*Internet Hub
*Motion Sensor
*Keychain Remote
*2 Door/Window Sensors

The SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit can be customized with additional accessories to offer homeowners a home security solution tailored to their needs. Additional accessories include a water leak sensor, a garage door sensor, an outdoor solar siren, telephone dialer, and 3 different types of wireless cameras for live video monitoring. Skylink's SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit is also compatible with home automation kits and accessories that allow users to control lighting and other appliances through the central Internet Hub and smartphone app. The Skylink iOS smartphone app can be downloaded at

Pricing & Availability:

Skylink's SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit retails for $149, and is available at,,,, and

For more information about Skylink or to view their entire product line, visit To request images or more information, contact Rebecca Casamayor at (305) 347-1787 Ext. 305 or

About Skylink

Since 1990, Skylink has been providing homeowners with innovative DIY home control solutions that create a safe and comfortable environment for families. Whether a homeowner is looking for an innovative security system or garage door opener, Skylink's home solution kits cater to the needs of all families. Their commitment and passion for innovation has led them to integrate wireless technology into their line of DIY products. Skylink's products are available for purchase at several retail locations, including Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, and, and are available in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. For more information, visit:

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