Sonus faber presents to US his new and exciting project.

The creation of Olympica collection, launched during the 2013 edition of the Munich Hi End Show, represented for Sonus faber a return to the deep roots of its traditions.

In May 2014 Sonus faber got back to Munich Hi

End Show with its new project; Lilium, a new full
frequency range Hi End fl oor standing speaker, built
around the knowledge gained through the creation
of Aida.

September 2014 is fi nally the time for the US
premiere of this amazing speaker at LMC Home
Entertainment Ltd in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Thanks to Mike Ware and all his great team to make
it possible.


Power and grace. Dynamic and melody. Fullness
and void. Kindness and impetuosity. Harmony and
chaos. Seemingly opposite strong contrasts that coexist
in the music.

Lilium has been designed to shape those great
contrasts expressed by music. It is the will of
synthesis of two opposite elements: two separate
identities that, although working independently one
from each other, cooperate inside the same shape.
The creation of a shape that holds two distinct
elements has been a big challenge from a technical
point of view and from a design one as well.

Everything was basically about the need fi nd a
new way to put together the large volume required
to reproduce the very low frequencies, with the
structure dedicated to the reproduction of the main
portion of the audible spectrum.

The marked separation between these two elements
is made visually clear by the use of different
materials: fi nely wrought walnut wood for the front
part and a defi nitely softer material - leather - for
the rear enclosure.

We have decided to adopt the organic style of
the natural shapes, which is the family the Lilium
belongs to. Undoubtedly, this result marks a further
step forward in the stylistic and acoustic research by
Sonus faber.


Lilium obviously has much of the DNA of Aida.
At Sonus faber we were strongly challenged in
transferring the main technological features of our
fl agship on a "smaller sister" having the ambition of
being more easily usable.

The "Brain Tsunami" that we literally did, has led
to surprising results, and in fact to a different and
much more advanced speaker than expected; it is
really reductive to simply defi ne Lilium as a scaled
down version of Aida!

Necessarily Lilium benefi ts even from the powerful
experience of Ex3ma; we can say that Lilium
holds - less immediately visible - the DNA of the
loudspeaker celebrating thirty years of Sonus
faber's history.

Lilium is the "next step" in our quest for vibration
and spurious noise freedom. Here we have gone
to extremes. In this project we adopted drastic
solutions: one enclosure for the subwoofer, with
a "no port noise" passive radiator (heritage of
Ex3ma), decoupled from the enclosure of the main
spectrum radiators and with the axis of subwoofer
and ABR at 90° (orthogonal) to the main radiation
axis of all other drivers, to avoid any direct/indirect

The driver units complement are a totally new project
and a 100% Sonus faber design and development;
of course they follow a musical attitude that is
becoming every day more and more recognizable:
a new high-speed 29mm soft dome DAD tweeter, a
new midrange and new midwoofers, both having a
size of 180 mm (same diameter and similar structure
for the best "merging" of the relative spectra).

Finally the 11" subwoofer and its companion ABR
are also special, in the sense that they have been
sonically optimized for these very low frequencies'

The crossover also pays a strong tribute to the
Ex3ma, borrowing some of it's key solutions.


3.5 way, orthogonal non interactive dual enclosure,
para-aperiodic vented box "Stealth Refl ex System"
on the main enclosure, passive radiator tuned
and "Zero Vibration Transmission" technology on
the subwoofer enclosure , modulation-free 90°
and decoupled from the main one, staggered low
frequency fl oorstanding loudspeaker system.


"Lyra shape" design, progressive thickness triple
curvature cabinet walls damped spread resonance
spectrum system, Sub-structural ribs are strategically
placed for total rejection of spurious vibrations and
standing waves control. Two double "dampshelves"
(from "The" experience), i.e. CNC anodized
machined avional "vibration dampers" (on the top
and on the bottom of each cabinet) "stiffen" the
column structures reducing consistently structural
micro-vibrations coming from the cabinets' walls and
the transducers. The "Anima legata" system is used
in an innovative way, encompassing the structural
ribs of the subwoofer enclosure. A special steel rod,
a high speed mechanical interface, concentrates
the remaining micro-vibrations conveying them
to the dual multiple "Tuned Mass Dampers",
i.e. two differently tuned special custom devices
optimized to erase micro-vibrations, by oscillating
in anti-phase. The subwoofer enclosure has been
decoupled from the main enclosure through a new
implementation of the Zero Vibration Transmission
technology, a suspension system, eliminating any
acoustic feedback and any vibration propagation
to the listening room. The radiation of the main
enclosure and of the subwoofer one are orthogonal
to avoid any intermodulation.


Sonus faber "Arrow Point" DAD (Damped Apex
Dome, synthesis of the classic dome and ring
transducer) H28 XTR-04. A Sonus faber designed 28
mm moving coil driver, with Sonus faber's vibration
optimized mechanical interface. The ultra dynamic
linearity is given by the new Neodymium motor
system. Implemented with a natural wood acoustic
labyrinth rear chamber, a mechanical anti-resonator
designed for this application.


Sonus faber M18 XTR-04. A Sonus faber designed
180 mm neodymium magnet system ultra dynamic
linearity midrange. CCAW wire is used on a
composite former "eddy current free" voice coil. The
dynamically linear magnetic fi eld motor incorporates
triple Kellog/Goeller rings. A special custom
diaphragm is made with a real time air dried non
pressed blend of traditional cellulose pulp, kapok,
kenaf and other natural fi bers, developed according
to the most natural sound. To further inhibit any
residual cone coloration we are using a transparent
viscous surface damping coating. The same way as
the tweeter, the midrange is decoupled from the
main baffl e board and designed synergistically with
its optimized "acoustic chamber". A special coaxial
anti-compressor is used, designed to remove cavity
resonances and distortions.


Sonus faber W18XTR-16. A triple of Sonus faber
designed 180 mm lightweight "sandwich" cone
structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two
external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers are
integrated in an acoustically amorphous "stealth
refl ex" chamber. Designed to blend perfectly with
the special midrange and, at the same time, to have
absolute defi nition in their range: the sandwich
structure with outer paper pulp skins has the same
sonic character of the midrange cone. A powerful
long stroke motor system with a 1,5" controlled
"eddy current" voice coil is implemented for high
speed, performance and linearity.


Sonus faber SW26 XT-08. Sonus faber designed
a 260 mm infra woofer, lightweight hard paper
composite sandwich cone technology for a
maximum rigidity and implemented it in an
acoustically amorphous passive radiator tuned
separated enclosure. The unit features a very
powerful long throw motor with a 2.5" voice coil for
ultra dynamic linearity. To perfectly match the lowend
performance to different listening rooms it is
possible to adapt the SPL of the infra woofer.


Non-resonant design, optimized amplitude/phase
response for optimal space/time performance.
"Paracross topology". The impedance at low
frequencies is controlled for a clear and friendly
amplifi er performance. Double staggered transfer
function low frequency/room interface optimized
fi lter. Highest quality is used in terms of the
components: Mundorf "Supreme" Silver/Gold/Oil
capacitors, Jantzen inductors. Cross-over: 80Hz -
250 Hz - 2500Hz.

20 Hz - 35.000 Hz, Stealth refl ex included.

92 db SPL (2.83V/1 m).

4 ohm.

100W - 800W, without clipping.

1600 mm x 491mm x 705 mm (HxWxD)

103 Kg each - net weight
156 kg each - shipping weight

(The shipping weight may slightly change from time
to time because different humidity values over the
year might affect the wooden boxes'weight).

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