Indiegogo - The iRBeacon Has Reached its Goal on Indiegogo and is Moving on to Make More Remotes Useless and Thus Build a Smarter Home

The iRBeacon project to build the tiny, elegant gadget to make every home a little smarter has reached its goal and has almost a month left to run. Ditching the remotes has never been easier as the project carries on to provide an easy opportunity to take the first steps towards a smarter home.

Budapest, Hungary August 27, 2014

Looking for the remote for what seems like hours on end. Something everyone endures from time to time. Having a bunch of them: one for the TV in the living room, one for the A/C, one for the DVR and so on, and not being able to find them when they're needed. The easiest solution would be to buy a 6th "universal" remote to replace the already bought 5 - just to be misplaced as easily as all the others? Really?

Not anymore.

The iRBeacon is one, simple solution that simplifies the cluster of remotes, and it is capable of much more.

The iRBeacon is the first step towards an intelligent home. It is a smart, elegant and tiny device which combines the infrared technology with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (very energy efficient, more than a year's worth of working time with a single CR2032 coin battery), so the iRBeacon accompanied by the app (iOS, Android) can smart up any device and replace the remotes in just a few minutes.

The iRBeacon project started on Indiegogo in the end of July and has attracted more than 600 contributors already. The project has already reached its first funding goal and a small contribution can go a long way: for a limited time the team offers a free iRBeacon to everyone who refers at least two contributors to them.

The iRBeacon was featured in Indiegogo's Hot in Hardware newsletter, and the project also made it to Indiegogo's front page as one of the top trending projects on the site!

The project can be found at

Just imagine getting home, tired from a hard day at work, and as the user enters, their favorite radio starts playing or the TV is switching on for them to watch the news and unwind. Without even touching a single button. iRBeacon settings allow timing as well as how it will react to a user's presence.

Switching off the TV or turning off the radio when leaving home will never again be something to worry about, the iRBeacon can do that automatically.

Using the latest technology, the list of IoT networks and smart hubs the iRBeacon can cooperate with expands constantly, allowing the users the freedom to control their devices from anywhere in the world. The iRBeacon's mesh networking capabilities help overcoming any distance so the smarter home has never been closer. For those who do a series of tasks over and over again (like switch on the TV, go to the menu, press left 5 times, press OK), the macro feature will come quite handy. Record the needed clicks and run it any time with a single click.

Running on iOS and Android, the iRBeacon apps are capable of so much more than an everyday remote controller. The apps are compatible with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android 4.3 & later devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

"We started building iRBeacon to make our own lives easier, but we are really glad to find out that so many people are interested in an easy and elegant way to ditch remote controllers forever. Now its time to extend to other platforms as well." said project leader Krisztian Sulina after reaching the $20,000 goal.

iRBeacon just announced its first stretch goal to include Mac & Windows PCs, tablets and phones in the app development.

The iRBeacon project is on Indiegogo until mid September:

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