Salt Lake City - August 7, 2014 - Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room, multi-media

Blu-ray entertainment servers, announced today it has released a new feature called iPlay, which allows
users to browse and play their entire iTunes music and movie library on their Mozaex multi-room
Entertainment Server. iPlay will be presented along with the company's family of Entertainment Servers
at CEDIA 2014 in Denver Colorado, Sept. 11 - 13 in booth 528.

Browse, Stream or Download iTunes Movies and Music from Mozaex Library

iPlay adds iTunes, the world's largest and most popular online movie and music service to its award
winning Mozaex Blu-ray Entertainment Server.

With iPlay you can now instantly stream or download and play your iTunes movies, TV shows and music
along with your stored Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, all from one simple high definition Mozaex cover art
library. Easily browse your entire movies and music collection from either your TV display or using one of
the many control systems the company supports.

"With iPlay, Mozaex offers for the first time the ability to play both iTunes online media and disc media
including Blu-ray's, DVD's and CD's from a single entertainment server," said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm.

Added Kihm, "When it comes to entertainment, people want the best of both worlds, namely quality and
convenience. They want both the absolute highest quality that Blu-ray movies and CD quality music offer,
combined with the instant gratification of online streamed movies and music. iPlay addresses this need by
offering for the first time a fully integrated iTunes and Blu-ray entertainment server".

Browse and Play iTunes Movies and Music Using Control System Touch Panel or TV Display

Since 2010 home automation control systems have been unable to access AppleTV to browse and play
iTunes media using a touch panel. iPlay allows dealers to finally offer their clients a simple way to
browse and play back their entire iTunes and Blu-ray/DVD/CD collection using a 3rd party control system
touch panel including Crestron, AMX, RTI, Vantage and Apple among others.

Automatically Imports Purchased iTunes Movies and Music Cover Art

iPlay automatically imports the cover art and metadata of the iTunes movies and music that you have
purchased on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. With iPlay you can now buy a movie or album on iTunes then
play it from the Mozaex Entertainment Server by simply browsing the cover art that has been auto
imported into the Mozaex library. Mozaex is a complete multi-room online movie and music server.

Mozaex Offers Instant Access to the World's Largest Online Movie and Music Store

iTunes is the undisputed world leader in online movies and music. With its iTunes integration, Mozaex
now offers a simple way to play online media from the world's largest online movie and music store. No
other online movie and music service comes close to the media library size and geographic coverage that
iTunes offers. As a result of iPlay no other Entertainment Server offers the breadth of online media
selection or the international coverage that Mozaex offers with its support of iTunes.

The closest rival to iTunes are services such as VUDU® that operate using Ultraviolet®. Ultraviolet
enabled services however only offers reportedly* around 10,000 movies and TV episodes compared to
estimated* combined total of 250,000 movies and TV episodes available on iTunes.

*Source: According to Wikipedia, as of two years ago on September 12, 2012, iTunes offered 45,000
movies, 190,000 TV episodes and over 37 million songs.

*Source: According to the publication Business Insider, Ultraviolet contained as of Feb. 27, 2013, 8,700
movies and TV episodes with the majority of those titles, about 3,500 from Warner Bros.

Mozaex Also Supports Netflix, VUDU/Ultraviolet, HULU and Pandora

Unlike many other Entertainment Servers, Mozaex also supports Netflix, HULU, VUDU/Ultraviolet and
Pandora among other online services. The media purchased from these online services do not appear in
the common Mozaex cover art library but rather in their own separate library on the Mozaex server.

Mozaez Offers iTunes with the Highest Quality Service and Broadest Coverage in 147 Countries

While iTunes offers the world's broadest coverage in 147 Countries the closest rival to Mozaex that is
based on Ultraviolet reportedly is limited to 4 Countries namely US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

iTunes is consistently rated as offering not only the broadest international coverage but the highest quality
of service when streaming or downloading movies and music. According to Wikipedia "As of June 2013,
the iTunes Store possesses 575 million active user accounts,[9] and serves over 315 million mobile
devices, including iPods, iPhones and iPads".

""iTunes owns the online market for non-subscription online entertainment media" said Kihm. "There
simply is nothing like iTunes if you want the best shopping experience, the broadest selection of movies
and music, the widest global coverage and the absolute highest quality of service".

Now Everyone Gets to Play Everything

iPlay transforms the Mozaex Blu-ray Server into a complete multi-room online movie and music solution
that can be easily expanded with the addition of networked Mozaex Players. To expand the number of
rooms playing iTunes music only, simply add Apple's affordable Airport Express wireless music player.

iPlay is now shipping on the company's entire product line.

Contact Information

Mozaex USA: 672 East Vine St. Murray Utah 84107 -

Sales Department: +01.801.685.9000 -

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