HARMAN's JBL Synthesis Launches Updated ARCOS v2.7 Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System With Extensive Functionality Enhancements

ARCOS v2.7: Putting Every Seat In the Sweet Spot

NORTHRIDGE, California - HARMAN's JBL Synthesis today announced the release of its Version 2.7 ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System, which offers a host of enhancements in performance and functionality to deliver better accuracy and flexibility in setting up a JBL Synthesis multichannel audio system.

The ARCOS v2.7 hardware and software package utilizes proprietary DSP algorithms and HARMAN-developed measurement and analysis techniques to achieve unparalleled frequency response correction and loudspeaker performance accuracy in any room. In all rooms, there are resonances or room modes that emphasize some frequencies and attenuate others, detracting from in-room frequency response accuracy. ARCOS v2.7 compensates for these irregularities more precisely than ever before and provides additional sonic optimization including new height-channel calibration capability, along with expanded system networking options.

ARCOS v2.7: Putting Every Seat In the Sweet Spot

When used with the JBL Synthesis SDEC-4500P Digital Equalizer ARCOS v2.7's updated Sound Field Management (SFM) now provides tighter control of the seat-to-seat variation in any listening room, yielding a more consistent frequency response in any listening position especially in the critical 20Hz - 80Hz bass range. Improved SFM settings are provided for home theaters with two, three and four subwoofers.

The ARCOS v2.7's patent-pending AutoEQ now operates in a manner that improves the in-room frequency balance for multiple seats, rather than having a single point of focus. AutoEQ uses more than 200 bands of parametric digital equalization that can be adjusted from from 1/100 octave to more than 4 octaves wide between 20Hz - 20kHz.

ARCOS v2.7 employs a second-generation HARMAN-patented algorithm to improve the blend between the main speakers and subwoofers, using extremely precise phase measurements and delay adjustments to maximize output through the crossovers and eliminate crossover distortion and destructive phase cancellation. Control of the delay has been improved to .01ms increments from the previous 1ms adjustment capability. In addition, ARCOS v2.7 now enables the SDEC-4500P to handle all bass-management functions internally rather than at the JBL Synthesis system's preamp allowing ARCOS v2.7 to auto-set the crossover frequency and slope for much smoother and more accurate low-frequency crossover performance.

Reaching New Heights of Soundfield Immersion

ARCOS v2.7 offers height-channel calibration, adding a spectacular dimension of sonic realism to multichannel home theaters equipped with height channels. Access to up to four height channels is available via the SDEC-4500P's analog inputs, enabling a JBL Synthesis system to accommodate Dolby® Atmos™, Auro-3D or formats that may become available in the future. In addition, ARCOS v2.7, in conjunction with the SDEC-4500P's internal DSP can create "virtual" height information from standard 5.1 and 7.1-channel sources.

Expanded Networking Connectivity

The networking capabilities of a JBL Synthesis system are now greatly expanded. A single CAT5e HARMAN BLU-link digital audio connection can be used to go from the SDEC-4500P to all the Ethernet-enabled amplifiers in the system - up to 60 amplifiers and 128 channels over a single cable. When used with the new JBL Synthesis SDA Series amplifiers, the amps can be connected via CAT5e digital rather than the analog input, eliminating a D/A conversion stage for better sound quality with lower noise and distortion. The network connections are completely programmable and expandable from the SDEC-4500P and ARCOS v2.7 is fully backward compatible with existing SDEC-4500-based systems and analog amplifiers with the installation of an SDEC-4500x output expander.

Improved Audio Quality for Any JBL Loudspeaker

ARCOS v2.7 works hand in hand with any JBL Synthesis loudspeaker and subwoofer to provide an unprecedented level of speaker optimization. With ARCOS v2.7 the SDEC-4500P is no longer just an equalizer but also functions as an active crossover and speaker management DSP hub. JBL speakers that can be bi-wired can now take advantage of better drive settings in the SDEC-4500P for smoother response when bi-wired or passively bi-amplified. Specific speaker calibrations are built-in for models including the JBL Project Everest DD67000, K2 S9900, S2S-EX and S1S-EX subwoofers and many others.

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