OKIDOKEYS Bluetooth Smart Locks Available Now

OKIDOKEYS Bluetooth® Smart Locks and the Internet of things technology revolutionize keys making access to your home simpler and safer than ever before.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12, 2014 -- OKIDOKEYS announces its line of residential Smart Locks and accessories are shipping, being installed in homes, and consumer response has been spectacular! OKIDOKEYS is at the forefront of the Smart-Lock industry, updating the simple key, maximizing available technology and delivering a well designed, easy to use product to consumers.

Your phone becomes your key! Say good bye to the hassle and expense of losing your keys, being locked out of your home or hiding a spare key. Easy to install, easy to use: The OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock provides a secure, simple, practical and versatile way to access your home, using any Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smartphone through the free OKIDOKEYS app available for iOS and Android devices. OKIDOKEYS is now shipping from okidokeys.com and amazon.com. They will also be available in the Skymall 2014 Holiday catalogue as well as other selective retailers. Current feedback confirms that the products, the web User Interface and App were work together allowing customers to enjoy OKIDOKEYS features. Products currently available are the Okidokeys Smart-Lock and the Okidokeys Access-Pack that enables the use of RFID tags and traditional cell phones.

Visit www.OKIDOKEYS.com to watch OKIDOKEYS in action.

Feature List:

A Better Key: Okidokeys Bluetooth 4.0 smart locks provide consumers a more secure and easy method to share, manage, and monitor access to their home. The OKIDOKEYS line of smart lock and key solutions combines an elegant design and the latest technological innovations while maintaining a small footprint on the door.

Control with the OKIDOKEYS app and Web portal, users can effortlessly create, send and delete keys with family, friends, babysitters, housekeepers, pet-sitters or trusted third-party contactors, at anytime. Access can be granted instantly and on a time limited basis.

Manage OKIDOKEYS provide a simple solution for managing multiple homes and rental properties, allowing owners complete control over who receives a key and for how long. Keys can be shared from anywhere -across continents and time zones -making life easier and more profitable.

Secure OKIDOKEYS highly secured Web platform can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet using 3DSecure login, identical to the most advanced security environments (Banks, Military, etc.).

Easy to Install OKIDOKEYS is easily installed on the interior side of the door, over existing US ANSI Grade 1 and Grade 2 deadbolts with no drilling or wiring required.

Monitor OKIDOKEYS can provide homeowners notifications whenever their doors are being operated. Users, for example, know when their children return home from school.

"We are very excited to be a part of the daily smart life of our customers. First feedback from our customers is very positive making us confident in the success of our solution," said Pascal Metivier Founder and CEO of OKIDOKEYS. "Soon, OKIDOKEYS will be connected directly to our customers home automation platforms," he added.

Okidokeys are currently shipping and are priced starting at 189.99 for the Smart-Lock Pack and 249.99 for Smart Access-Pack.

About Okidokeys:

OKIDOKEYS is an OpenWays Company, world's leading Mobile Key solution provider, providing consumers with a complete line of Smart Locks and Smart Keys. OKIDOKEYS leverages the secure and proven technology OpenWays already provides to the global hotel industry.

For more information, visit www.okidokeys.com. Connect with OKIDOKEYS on Facebook and Twitter.

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