Pakedge Announces Full Release of the BakPak Cloud Management System

The BakPak Cloud Management System lets system integrators remotely monitor, manage and maintain their clients' networks to ensure that they are continuously operating properly.

Hayward, CA - Pakedge Device and Software Inc. is announcing the full, unrestricted release of the BakPak Cloud Management System after successful completion of field testing.

Designed in collaboration with A/V system integrators and dealers, the BakPak Cloud Management System lets system integrators remotely monitor, manage and maintain their clients' networks to ensure that they are continuously operating properly. From a smartphone, tablet or any computer web browser, a technician can manage multiple client networks through a simple centralized dashboard. Configurable alerts, sent through text messaging, email or push notifications, instantly inform the technician of any connected device or network component issues. Upon detection or notification of a problem, the technician goes to the dashboard to begin the resolution process. Identification of the faulty devices is facilitated through the visual interface - all connected devices are mapped in a hierarchical structure with the faulty device highlighted in red. In contrast, a properly-operating device is highlighted in green or yellow. Once the faulty device is located, the technician can either power-cycle the unit on or off through the upstream Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch port, or through a connected power controller. Advanced repairs and configuration updates can be performed by accessing the device portal from the dashboard. All of this is done off-site of client premises, in real time, through any iOS or Android-based smartphone or computer web browser.

The BakPak Cloud Management System comprises of the NP36 hardware device and the BakPak web/smartphone app. The hardware unit integrates and manages information from the various connected devices and makes it securely accessible from the cloud. The software app provides the interface that technicians use to manage the network. The system is available in 3 different device management configurations-up to 25 devices for small networks, up to 50 devices for medium size networks, and over 50 devices for large networks. The device limits only apply to non-Pakedge equipment; an unlimited number of connected Pakedge equipment can be monitored regardless of which BakPak configuration is purchased. Users with pre-release versions of the BakPak Cloud Management System will need to contact Pakedge Technical Support to bring their system up to the current release version.

Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge, had a few words to say on the impact BakPak will have on networking. "The information and services that run on today's network infrastructure plays an important role in people's daily lives. Whether it be email, streaming videos, or other web and cloud-based services for business or personal use, customers have come to rely on the network as the 4th utility behind gas, electricity and water. For many people, any network downtime, however short, is not acceptable. Realizing the importance, Pakedge has developed the BakPak Cloud Management System as a way to minimize disruptions caused by any network unavailability. We designed it specifically based on integrator and dealer requirements, and have made it not only easy to monitor and manage networks, but developed it as a platform for future cloud services."

Key features of the BakPak Cloud Management System include:

*Automatic discovery, monitoring, and management of all connected devices across multiple virtual local area networks (VLANs)

*Fully configurable notification alerts - by device, by delivery method, and by notification delay time

*Device reporting information - IP address, MAC address, device uptime, device location, network connectivity logs, and technician notes on device history

*Management permissions controls - network monitoring and management activities can be assigned to different technicians, down to the client, device and port level.

*Multiple "at a glance" visual options - At the management level - by customer account or Google Maps view. At the network level - by a hierarchical view, a device view and a table view.

*Virtual stacking of Pakedge devices - Pakedge power distribution units (PDUs) throughout the network can be consolidated and treated as a single virtual unit for management and control.

*Pakedge Connect+ intelligence - automatically identifies Pakedge devices in the network and unlocks additional features built into those devices, including virtual stacking of PDUs, and full port level permissions management of Pakedge PoE switches.

*Monitoring and management from any iOS and Android device, and any computer web browser.

The BakPak Cloud Management System provides system integrators and dealers with the following benefits:

*High client satisfaction - With instant notification of any system issues, technicians are able to diagnose and repair the issue even before the client realizes there is a problem. The result is high network uptime that meets or exceeds contractual service level agreements (SLA).

*Minimize on-site service calls - Client networks can be monitored, managed and maintained through the cloud from any device, anytime and from anywhere. This eliminates the need to roll a truck and service the network on-site, thereby saving time and reducing service expenses.

*New source of revenue - System integrators are presented with a unique capability that can be used to build a new business offering - the opportunity to provide network remote monitoring and management (RMM) services. This managed service offering enables system integrators and dealers to build a sustainable and profitable recurring revenue stream while providing an invaluable service to clients who have integrated the connected experience into their daily lives and require high network availability.

Integrators can learn more about the BakPak Cloud Management System by contacting Pakedge Sales at (650) 385-8702 or visiting the webpage at

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 pakedgedevice&software inc is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance, end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial AV applications. Recognized by industry peers and winner of the prestigious CE Pro Brand Leader award for Networking in 2013 and 2014, Pakedge specializes in integrating high performance engineering innovations, operational simplicity, and systems engineering to develop technology that enables customers to unleash the power of their network.

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Give your customers First-Class Service with Pakedge BakPak

Give your customers First-Class Service with Pakedge BakPak

Pakedge BakPak allows you to know when your customers' networks need attention--before they do. Instantly receive notifications, email or texts so you can react quickly. Constant network management allows you to have your whole customer base at your fingertips in an easy to read dashboard showing the status of all your customers. And you can even access, troubleshoot, and resolve network issues right from your mobile device or laptop.