2015 Storage Visions Conference Call for Presentations Opens

14th Anniversary Conference Theme: Storage With Intense Network Growth (SWING)

San Jose, CA-July 21, 2014-The Fourteenth Annual Storage Visions Conference will be held at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 4 & 5, 2015; the Entertainment Storage Alliance announced today. The conference theme is: Storage with Intense Network Growth (SWING). Initial sponsors and exhibitors are Coughlin Associates, DriveSavers, HDDFA, RDC and SATA-IO. Speaking submissions are now being accepted through September 15, 2014 at http://www.storagevisions.com/2015SpeakerCall.htm, and the conference preliminary agenda can be seen at: http://www.storagevisions.com/2015Agenda.htm.

We have an exciting program planned with special tutorials and additional participation including young professionals and college students, and with an emphasis on many digital storage applications.

The Storage Visions Conference is the premier event bringing together digital storage oriented people from diverse industries including consumer electronics and media and entertainment. Join CEO's, industry leaders, manufacturers, and end users at Storage Visions 2015 in a relaxed and informative environment where attendees can network with world changers and industry titans. Attendees will discover the trends and meet the trendsetters that will drive a new wave of business tied to higher resolution content, government regulations, security requirements, consumer electronics, digital distribution, new storage architectures and applications as well as new digital storage technologies.

Organization and media sponsors include: Advantage Video, Alien Babel, AVSystems, Burn World, Coughlin Associates, Createsphere, Davis Consulting Asia, DCIA, Digital Production Buzz, Drive Pop, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, HomeToys, IDC, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Media and Entertainment Tech, MESA, Objective Analysis, Park Associates, Postperspective.com, PrizeG2, ProductionHUB, RDC, StorageSearch, SMPTE, SNIA, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, The SSD Review, TechTarget and TweakTown.

According to conference organizer, Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates "Digital storage enables every application from media and entertainment through big data analytics. Handling the increasing size and complexity of our digital content requires advanced management, storage and transport technologies and their tighter coordination. There are enormous trends in the development of local as well as cloud-based storage technologies to support diverse workflows and an increasing variety of storage and transport technologies and applications. Understanding these developments will help you make better decisions in the design and deployment of storage solutions.

Consumer and business applications are driving growth in cloud-based storage to support social networking, collaborative workflows, content distribution, new consumer applications and archiving content. This drives the demand for networked storage, including object, block and file access, as well as cloud gateways and other technologies. The move to storage in the cloud is a game changer in every industry.

At the same time faster performance enabled by solid state technologies has put pressure on software to support this speed and enabled faster storage and system interfaces, including PCIe, SATA Express, faster SAS, Infiniband and NVDIMMS. New generations of storage systems will incorporate these advances in software and hardware to provide benefits to enterprises and consumers. Keeping on top of these trends in software and storage hardware is critical to gain an advantage in every industry."

Explaining why the 2015 conference theme was chosen, Coughlin continues, "As a consequence of the influence that connectivity has on digital storage application, the 2015 Storage Visions conference will focus on Storage With Intense Network Growth (SWING)."

The 2014 Storage Visions Conference continued the trend of press and analyst registration at 27% of the total attendees. Many major product and initiative announcements were made, continuing a long tradition of new storage and storage application announcements at the annual Storage Visions Conference.

Keynote Talks at SV 2014 included Dr. Kanaan Jemilli of Rovi Corporation, John Scaramuzzo of SanDisk, Michael Abary of Samsung and Ben Masak of Sony Media Cloud Services. Press coverage of SV 2014 was extensive and includes many on-line video interviews. Great sessions covered all elements of digital storage technology and their application in professional as well as consumer applications. Here are some quotes we received from conference participants:

"The Best Storage Conference of all Time!" - Dr Adal M.Hussain

"I get more information from the real movers and shakers at Storage Visions than I get at the whole CES. Its like a private seminar because of the people and size." - Charles Azar

"The most valuable 2 days of the CES week." -Anon.

"Storage Visions provides a focused opportunity to get deep into the issues of storage technologies. I've attended two years in a row and find the information gained is applicable throughout the remainder of the year" - Karl Paulsen, CTO, Diversified Systems.

"The caliber of attendees at Storage Visions is unlike any other conference I have been to. Our company will continue to invest in this conference because we know we will have valuable conversations with the industry's leading storage companies each and every year." - Anon.

"A wealth of storage information in two days", - Steve Moskowitz, VSTN-Vegas Trade Show Newswire.

"Storage Visions provides a broad perspective on both the applications that have a high demand for storage and the manufacturers who create storage for those industries." - Andy Higginbotham, PriceG2

"It was an informative conference with distinguished speakers providing their knowledgeable views on the storage market. It was my first time attending Storage Visions, and I will definitely be back next year." - George Mykytyn, Bloomberg Industries.

"Storage Visions is the focal point for all storage technologies. Leading manufacturers and users of all storage types-magnetic and optical disc, tape, flash and other special storage technologies-come together every year to share new products and new approaches to using that technology. It's always an eye-opening experience." Jim Handy, Objective Analysis

There are a limited number of sponsorships and exhibit spaces available for the 2015 Storage Visions Conference. For information on sponsorship and exhibit opportunities fill out the appropriate forms available on the conference web site: www.StorageVisions.com. Interested parties can also call Storage Visions at 408-978-8184 or email us at info@StorageVisions.com. Conference registration is open until December 26, 2014 using the links at: http://www.storagevisions.com/2015Register.htm.

The Storage Visions Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance (www.EntertainmentStorage.Org).

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