Torus Power's Ultra-Compact, Entry-Level TOT Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioners Provide Electronic Systems Integrators Affordable, High-Performance Options for Small to Mid-Sized Audio Video Systems

Compact power conditioners featuring venerable Plitron toroidal isolation transformers are available worldwide

TORONTO, ON, CANADA - July 16, 2014 - Torus Power-maker of uncompromising clean, isolation transformer-based power components and a subsidiary of Plitron Manufacturing-announced today that both models from its TOT Series of power conditioners are not only shipping worldwide, but are doing so with great success. These two TOT power conditioners, introduced in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show, deliver Audio Video integrators and retailers compact power conditioning options that are affordable, yet feature-rich with the clean power, quality, and reliability Torus Power-and parent company Plitron-is known for.

"Custom installers and integrators will love the install options offered in the TOT Series power conditioners. These units are accessible enough for consumers to afford and use in a small or mid-sized system, but are powerful enough to get the job done," said Kevin Main, VP of Sales and Marketing for Torus Power. "With the Torus Power TOT Series, integrators and consumers now have access to features and benefits not found in similar-priced power conditioners. This is a huge value-added opportunity for integrators who want to differentiate themselves from the competition, especially on small-budget projects."

Torus Power TOT Series Power Conditioners

TOT Mini, rated for 7 A, is suitable for providing Torus isolated power to components such as digital projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media or source players, processors, and network devices. TOT Max, rated for 15 A, features a larger capacity toroidal transformer and can be used with most audio systems and mid-power amplifiers. Connect audio equipment to a Torus TOT Series power conditioner and it comes alive with better dynamics, improved imaging and cleaner enhanced bass. Connect video equipment, and see notably crisper images with brighter colors and darker blacks.

Small Size, Flexible Location

The TOT power conditioners are named for their diminutive size, each occupying a footprint of only 12.5 x 4 x 10.5 inches, making for easy and attractive placement. Including the in-wall mount, the TOT Mini weighs only 29.5 lbs., while the TOT Max weighs 43.3 lbs. The ultra-compact design, combined with a unique sloped chassis allows integrators to mount the unit on or behind a component rack. TOT can also be mounted in-wall between 14" studs with an optional mounting kit with junction box for in-wall distribution of power (coming soon).

Affordable and Adaptable

The TOT Mini (7 A, $899 MSRP) and the TOT Max (15 A, $1,299 MSRP) power conditioners are the most affordable products in the Torus Power lineup, yet both deliver convenient, pro-quality point-of-use power conditioning that dramatically improves the performance of audio, video, and control systems for any application. International versions are also available for use in Continental Europe, UK, and Asia/Australia.

Burly Plitron Toroidal Transformers

Both the TOT Mini and the TOT Max incorporate parent company Plitron's venerated toroidal isolation transformers, completely separating connected components from power lines. In fact, the transformers are triple shielded for the ultimate noise attenuation and isolation from increasingly noisy and polluted power lines. The result is high-quality sound and video, regardless of ever-changing line conditions.

Plitron's Narrow-Bandwidth (NBT) Noise Filtering Technology

In addition to Plitron's toroidal transformers, the company's NBT technology acts as a low-pass filter and restores incoming power to its original clean state, protecting valuable systems from voltage sags, brownouts, and surges.

High Current

Torus Power's TOT Series also provides very low source impedance to connected devices, enabling high current delivery - up to 10 times higher magnitude than the product's rating - on an instantaneous basis. This ensures dynamic components are never starved for power.


Finally, both TOT models have basic circuit protection, while the option of factory-installed non-sacrificial series mode surge protection is available for both the TOT Mini and the TOT Max for an additional $350/unit. These features protect the end-user's valuable equipment from harmful spikes and dips in electricity.

Torus Power is a Crestron Integrated Partner and a member of Savant's Partner in Excellence Program, which enables seamless integration across platforms. More information about Torus Power can be obtained by visiting, calling (800) 754-8766, writing to and by following @TorusPower on twitter.

*International versions are also available for use in Continental Europe, UK, and Asia/Australia.

About Torus Power

Torus Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioners are the world's finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Built to an uncompromising standard of quality, performance and reliability, Torus Power Conditioners are engineered to perform and protect like no other. Torus Power products are the consistent choice of knowledgeable audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, custom electronic system integrators and designers, whose discriminating tastes and technical requirements mandate the ultimate performance and protection levels achievable.

Utilizing Plitron's patented NBT technology and toroidal isolation transformers, Torus Power products restore incoming power to its clean original state, eliminate virtually all power line noise artifacts, and protect connected equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events, including severe lightning strikes and brownouts, thereby increasing system reliability and extending product life. Providing high levels of clean, instantaneous current, Torus Power products ensure that dynamic components - such as high power amplifiers - are never starved for power.

Precision engineered by Plitron Manufacturing Inc., a much sought-after OEM supplier of toroidal transformers and toroidal-based products for many of the audio/video industry's leading amplifier brands, providing more than 30 years of experience and an unparalleled reputation, Torus Power is manufactured to rigorous standards under Plitron's ISO9001 medical-level quality control system in Toronto, Canada. More information can be found online at Follow Torus Power on Twitter @TorusPower.

About Plitron

Plitron Manufacturing Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Company established in Toronto, ON, Canada in 1983. Specializing in research, design, development and manufacturing of toroidal transformers and toroidal based products, Plitron's most recent developments include VREMS energy saving systems for lighting; Torus Power line conditioning for audio/video systems; MEDISO power isolation units for medical and industrial applications, and toroidal stators for wind turbines.

The Plitron toroidal transformer is inherently more efficient and effective than any other transformer type and is vitally important in today's environment with the demands for cleaner and greener power. Through constant innovation and an unyielding commitment to superior engineering, Plitron provides OEM clients worldwide with power-based solutions for demanding applications in audio, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, computer, power conditioning, UPS, energy, and other industrial sectors.

Torus Power Media Contact

Katye (McGregor) Bennett, KMB Communications, (425) 328-8640,, @katyemcgregor,

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