Qolsys Unveils New User Interface and Expanded Z-Wave home control device support at ESX Nashville.

Software update expands robust home automation solution.

Cupertino, CA - Qolsys announced today its revolutionary IQ Panel will feature an updated Graphical User Interface (GUI) and additional support for Z-Wave Devices from leading manufacturers via a summer software update. A preview of the GUI will be unveiled this week at ESX Nashville.

Showcasing leading edge home security features and a robust ecosystem of home control and automation devices, the list of Qolsys supported Z-Wave devices continues to expand as consumer demand drives innovation. The new GUI and Z-Wave device support will be available this Summer via distribution nationwide and delivered via broadband to user panels already in the field. The recent Qolsys Spring software release updated panels with new features including turning on the popular panel camera and Disarm Photos.

The IQ Panel, a sleek 7″ touchscreen tightly integrates with Alarm.com's market-leading connected home services platform, supporting interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation.

The models below have all been verified and are supported by Alarm.com on the upcoming 1.4.1 software release.

Door Locks:


*Smart Code Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt (model 914)
*Smart Code Electronic Lever (model 912)


*Key-Free Touchscreen Deadbolt (model YRD-240). In addition, Yale AutoLock and One Touch Lock functions also work with the IQ Panel.


*Touchscreen Deadbolt (model BE468)



*Trane Thermostat (model TZEMT400AB32MAA



*Jasco Wireless Lighting Control - Outdoor Module 45604 (ZW4201

Other Devices:

Aeon Labs

*Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater (DSD37-ZWUS)

The IQ Panel, powered by Alarm.com, was specifically designed to be updated remotely to reduce overall cost and continually keep the panel fresh. This software update again demonstrates this important functionality and dealers can push software updates to customer panels using Alarm.com AirFX.

To learn more visit Qolsys.com.

About Qolsys
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Cupertino, CA, Qolsys is dedicated to improving the quality of life through innovation and technology by introducing the next generation life safety, security and home control platform and reinventing the security and home control market. The IQ Panel, the first all-in-one 7" touchscreen platform built on an Android operating system, has a built-in panel camera, six wireless radios with no external antennas, and groundbreaking software applications which automatically update as new features are developed. Leveraging the powerful interactive services of Alarm.com, the IQ Panel brings unprecedented levels of system integration and an intuitive user experience to set a new standard for the industry. All in one. Always connected. http://Qolsys.com

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