Introducing the First Smartphone-Based Garage Door Opener With Built-in Video and Recording Functionality

The app transforms the smartphone into a remote control via a secure WiFi connection in the home, or via a cellular Internet link anywhere in the world.

BARCELONA, Spain, June 24, 2014 -- GoGogate, the leader in smartphone-based solutions to remotely control garage doors and gates, will become the first in the industry to add optional video and video recording capabilities to its product - paving the way for enhanced security and convenience.

The company announced today an enhancement to its popular GoGogate product, allowing existing and new GoGogate customers to use video and video recording to track opening and closing of their garage doors via their smartphone, computer or tablet anywhere in the world.

GoGogate consists of a device that easily connects to an existing garage door opener and, via a free app downloaded to an iPhone or Android-based smartphone, allows the user to open and close the garage door or gate. The app transforms the smartphone into a remote control via a secure WiFi connection in the home, or via a cellular Internet link anywhere in the world - eliminating the need for a consumer to carry or utilize a separate remote control. The GoGogate is also able to send alerts, informing users if they left their garage doors open.

GoGogate can work as part of a home automation system or as a standalone device. Contrary to a home security system that often carries a monthly charge, customers need only make a one-time investment of $179 for the device before beginning unlimited use.

"Adding video and video-recording to our product delivers to our customers another tool that provides them with enhanced security and convenience. Being able to open your GoGogate app, access a calendar of events, and retrieve the video associated to a door being activated is not only cool but it's also very useful," said Antonio Cintra, GoGogate co-founder. "Whether it's to verify that a package has been delivered or to double check on your new car, you can now see what's happening in your garage from anywhere in the world."

"This exciting new step is part of our ongoing efforts to continuously add new features and to make your smartphone an even more useful device," added Joan Llopart, GoGogate co-founder and CTO.

The new video and recording feature requires the customer to purchase one of several commercially available WiFi cameras (list of recommended cameras provided by manufacturer). This new video and recording service is offered free of charge for a trial period of 30 days. A three-year subscription costs $29.95 (U.S.), or less than one dollar per month and is available immediately.

For more information, visit GoGogate is manufactured by Remsol, a startup with offices in the U.S. and Europe.

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