The Q: World's First Smart Home Audio and Lighting Solution to Support Apple HomeKit

Belleds Technologies launches Kickstarter campaign to offer new breakthroughs in LED lighting for the home which will support Apple's HomeKit.

Cambridge, MA June 19, 2014

Belleds Technologies announces its support for Apple's HomeKit during its Kickstarter campaign launch today from the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. The Belleds team recently won the Audience Choice Award at the MIT Clean Energy Prize competition for their innovative LED lighting product.

Kickstarter reward levels include a $99 basic kit, which includes 3 light bulbs and a base station that connects to speakers to stream audio.

Lighting control is a stated objective of Apple HomeKit. The Belleds team has adapted an open approach to making the smart home possible. We are working hard to include compatibility for all the most popular smart home platforms.

The Q already supports Allscreen Alliance's AllJoyn protocol (originally developed by Qualcomm) to improve interoperability among smart devices and Internet of Things. Belleds is fostering a developer community by offering Kickstarter reward levels such as the Q Developers' package-a basic set of one Q Station and one Bulb-that lowers the barrier to entry for prospective developers.

"Winning the MIT Clean Energy Prize Audience Choice Award is a testament that Smart LED lighting is widely accepted by the audience and welcomed to every energy efficient home," Dr. Alan Zhou said. "DOE estimates that switching to LED lighting over the next 20 years could save $250 billion in energy cost and avoid 1800 million metric tons of carbon emissions; we are committed to accelerate the adaption of LED lighting and enrich people's life with color and music simultaneously."

An e-book about prototyping is another Kickstarter digital reward. It includes the story of how co-founders Michael Chen, Daniel Taub, and Alan Zhou prototyped the Q platform hardware, using 3D printouts for the base station and LED lightbulb shapes, as well as their development process. Entrepreneurs like Bob Metcalfe (Ethernet), Brad Feld (TechStars) and others will contribute their thoughts about prototyping to the e-book.

About Belleds Technologies
Belleds was founded by a team of MIT graduates with the goal to reduce energy consumption by accelerating adoption of LED lighting. Belleds Technologies is the maker of The Q: World's First Smart Home Audio and Lighting Platform. Belleds wants to reduce energy consumption by helping accelerate adoption of LED. Our mission is to develop smart LED lighting products, which are wirelessly connected to the Internet to enable social interactions as well as innovative ways of mixing colorful lights with music to enrich life and create a colorful and joyful living environment.

Find us at: or follow us on Twitter @belledstech or Facebook at

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