ARCHOS Announces Availability of its Smart Home and Enters the Connected Home Scene

ARCHOS Smart Home enhances home connectivity like never before, providing real time information and control over your home from anywhere on your smartphone thanks to ARCHOS' unique technology & proprietary connected objects.

Denver - June 19, 2014 - ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, announces the availability of its highly-anticipated Smart Home. Thanks to its unique technology, the firm enters the Connected Home scene and transforms users' houses.

ARCHOS - Smart Home

The ARCHOS Smart Home Concept

With the ARCHOS Smart Home, connectivity has taken a big step forward as users can define actions based on specific triggers to meet their individual needs, creating as many possibilities as they can imagine. For example, a program could take a picture when someone opens the front door and then send a notification and the picture to its user's smartphone.

At the centre of the Connected Home is the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet which controls the Connected Objects and can be tied to the ARCHOS Smart Home application on any Android and iOS device to keep users connected from anywhere.

To start transforming regular houses in Connected Homes, the ARCHOS Smart Home starter pack includes:

the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet to manage the Connected Objects
2 ARCHOS Mini Cams to take pictures
2 ARCHOS Movement Tags to detect movement and door openings
and 2 ARCHOS Weather Tags to measure temperature and humidity

ARCHOS - Smart Home 2

The Connected Home Goes Further with ARCHOS' Unique Technology

Using Bluetooth Smart, ARCHOS was able to turn the Connected Home into an extremely easy to use and inconspicuous system. This technology allows the ARCHOS Smart Home connected objects to be completely wireless and their battery life to last up to a full year, making maintenance a no-brainer. Offering a modern but discreet design - no larger than a table-tennis ball - they are weatherproof and don't need any screw or tools to install.

Thanks to an in-depth research and development work, ARCHOS is the first company using Bluetooth Smart to run Connected Homes. ARCHOS' engineers improved this technology both in software and hardware - doubling its communications range (from 10 to 20m), tripling its capacity (from 4 to 13 connected objects at once) and improving its general stability.

As if that wasn't enough, the ARCHOS Smart Home takes home connectivity even further by bringing Tasker into the loop, an application to trigger more in-depth actions. The tablet can also control some 433MHz radio frequency based objects, which many other home automation products use. Thanks to this capability, the ARCHOS Smart Home is an open system that can control other objects to turn them into Connected Objects. Opening the garage door can now be part of Connected Homes.

ARCHOS - Smart Home 3

Building the Future of Connected Objects

"The Connected Home is a booming industry that will reach no less than $71 billion by 2018 according to Juniper," says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. "Our goal with the ARCHOS Smart Home is to deliver the most comprehensive selection of connected objects to fuel this Connected Home vision and drive our Connected Objects strategy."

The ARCHOS Smart Home starter pack is now available for $249.99. Its connected objects are also available as stand-alone products starting at $24.99. Other connected objects will be available during the summer and include a smart plug to control power supply, a siren to serve as an alarm and a motion ball to detect movement.

For more information about ARCHOS' entire selection of smartphones, tablets and connected objects, visit us at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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