NEAR Introduces Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

Innovative in-ground designs for better security, durability and omni-directional sound quality

GARDINER, Maine, June 17, 2014 -- High-performance speaker manufacturer NEAR, a division of Bogen Communications, Inc. ("NEAR") announced the introduction of innovative in-ground outdoor loudspeakers ideally suited for luxury residential installations. In designing these new products NEAR placed special emphasis on security, long-lasting appearance and outstanding sound quality for every listener on the deck, patio, garden or watercraft.

Upscale builders, home automation integrators and homeowners have long understood the benefits of installing purpose-designed music systems outdoors--around patios and pools, in gardens and on decks--to enhance outdoor activities and entertaining. In typical installations speakers are mounted under eaves or in other visible and vulnerable locations. The new NEAR IG series speakers may be partially buried in the ground affording homeowners better sound performance, lower visibility and greater security.

Great sound for everyone

The NEAR IG models are "omni-directional" designs that radiate sound evenly in a 360-degree pattern for more uniform coverage and better sound quality for every listener. Typical outdoor speakers radiate sound mainly in one direction. With such designs listeners positioned near one speaker cannot hear the other channel. Guests on one side of the patio may only hear the backup singers while people on the other side only hear the lead vocalist. Only listeners positioned in-between the two speakers hear the whole performance. That's no way to treat guests. With NEAR's omni-directional IG speakers everyone can hear a true stereo image and all the music on a recording.

In-ground installation itself contributes to superior sound quality in two ways. First, the packed earth ensures that the enclosure is resonance-free so all the acoustic energy is used to move the air rather than the enclosure walls. Second, by placing the speaker elements close to the ground the earth itself acts as an "infinite" enclosure. The net result is high-impact bass response that is almost impossible for free-standing speakers to produce in the limitless outdoor environment.

There are three IG full-range models ($1238/pair - $1718/pair) plus an optional in-ground 12" in-ground subwoofer ($1599). All NEAR IG series full-range models employ Metal Diaphragm Technology woofers and inverted titanium dome tweeters for best-in-class sound quality and durability.

NEAR's use of color-through enclosure material means IG models will never color-fade even after years of direct sun exposure. NEAR speakers are designed to meet or exceed the stringent humidity, salt air, heat, cold, and immersion durability standards, making them totally weatherproof not just "weather resistant."

The IGS12 subwoofer delivers unparalleled low-frequency performance via groundbreaking design. Employing a 12" woofer, the IGS12 sounds great at any playback level and is capable of withstanding almost any abuse.

Founder of New England Audio Resource, Bill Kieltyka developed the NEAR product line, which is carried on today as a division of Bogen Communications, Inc. NEAR's original AEL Series outdoor speakers gained a reputation for audiophile sound quality combined with a rugged build-quality capable of standing up to the harshest weather conditions, including atop New Hampshire's Mt. Washington (reputed to have the worst weather in North America).

About NEAR

Founded in 1988 and acquired by Bogen Communications, Inc. in 1997, NEAR continues under the creative and business leadership of founder Bill Kieltyka. Bill's passion for advancing high-quality music reproduction and its reputation as the leader in the creation of speakers for use under the most extreme conditions are foundational to the NEAR mission. NEAR creates and markets audiophile grade speakers for year round use, under extreme conditions, at all latitudes of our planet. NEAR is headquartered at 8 ABJ Drive, Gardiner, ME 04345 and is a division of Bogen Communications, Inc. with corporate offices at 50 Spring Street in Ramsey, NJ 07446.

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