"The best fiber solution meets the best networking solution."

MISSOULA, MT, MAY 28, 2014 - Cleerline Technology Group is pleased to announce our partnership with Access Networks. Access Networks is the premier provider of pre-programmed enterprise-grade networking solutions for the modern home. "There couldn't be a better partner," says Krista Bergman, Director of Sales for Cleerline Technology. "The best fiber solution meets the best networking solution."

Cleerline NSF delivers unparalleled ease-of-termination, being the first optical cable of its kind to eliminate the time-consuming process of stripping the glass fiber. Cleerline NSF utilizes a patent pending coating as an integral part of the glass that does not require removal, unlike typical buffer coatings that must be stripped/removed from standard fiber. NSF fiber also produces incredible advancements in flexibility and increased tensile strength.

Access Networks, a Los Angeles based company, was founded by Hagai Feiner in 2003. For over a decade, Access Networks' certified team of IT and AV professionals have worked directly with custom integrators to provide customized networking solutions that are equipped to handle the unique and growing demands of the automated residence.

"We're proud to partner with Cleerline Technology Group," said Hagai Feiner, CEO of Access Networks. "We understand the value of good infrastructure, and we know it is necessary for an enterprise-grade network to function properly. We look forward to including Cleerline in our booth this year at CEDIA Expo and in our future endeavors."

Cleerline Technology Group proudly introduces this "cut, cleave, and connect" system delivering the easiest to terminate fiber optic cable available. Cleerline NSF is compatible with all fiber optic connectors on the market.

"Today's high-speed distributed video systems and other high-speed signals demand more bandwidth than copper cables can provide," says Krista Bergman of Cleerline Technology Group. "The switch to fiber is gaining momentum and is the future for all signal, data, and system connectivity. We believe we have developed new technologies and processes to help our customers meet these new demands."

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Aperion Audio - Award Winning Home Audio for less

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