New iQ series of Invisible Loudspeakers.

Amina introduce dual channel variant in the new iQ series of Invisible Loudspeakers.

Amina, the UK based market leader in invisible loudspeakers solutions, used the ISE show to launch its brand new iQ2 dual channel flat panel plaster over

loudspeaker. The product extends its iQ developer product range, aimed at bringing truly invisible sound to residential and commercial real-estate developers, and broadening the appeal of Amina products into multi-room audio applications. The new iQ2 offers a highly cost effective solution for applications such as bathrooms and dressing rooms where one physical device is more than sufficient to cover such a space but where stereo reproduction is still required.
The company are also upgrading the whole iQ series of products to use entirely
Neodymium exciters, making the products lighter and easier to install whilst offering improved audio reproduction inherent in Neodymium magnet structures.
Building on the technologies introduced for its flagship Evolution range launched in 2012, Amina have utilized their Opti-Damping and Opti-Drive Technologies in
combination with a newly designed proprietary Neodymium exciter, to create an all new, aggressively priced invisible speaker family. Using the company's vibrational surface technology, the iQ series provides high clarity room filling sound with a remarkably even frequency response from 112Hz-20KHz, all at a price point competitive with good quality "dinner plate" ceiling loudspeakers.
Zero visual intrusion can now be extended throughout the whole home audio system providing high quality sound reproduction with no compromise on classical opulent or modern minimalist interior designs. In addition the iQ series is targeted at large developer led projects in aesthetically sensitive multi-dwelling-units.
The family now has three members, the iQ1 and iQ3 single channel products and the iQ2 stereo two channel variant. All have a front panel size of 400mm x 300mm and a speaker depth of 40mm. The iQ1 is suitable for bedrooms and other ancillary rooms, the iQ2 for bathrooms, and the iQ3 for reception rooms and all spaces where higher clarity, louder music is desired including surround sound applications in MDU's. Measured in line with IEC268-5 requirements, the iQ1 has a 30W peak, 15W continuous power rating with an efficiency of 83dB at 1W/1m. The iQ2 is effectively two channels of an iQ1. The iQ3 has a 60W peak and 30W continuous power rating and 84dB at 1W/1m. Performance figures are quoted based upon a fully installed product rendered invisible by a 2mm final skim coat of plaster.

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