Nevo Portal by Universal Electronics Brings Home Theater Control to Tablets and Smartphones

Nevo Portal offers cable subscribers the ability to browse EPG content and control their whole home theater with compatible iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

SANTA ANA, Calif.--Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI),(NASDAQ: UEIC), the industry's leading global developer of wireless, programmable remote control technology, today announced the availability of its Nevo® Portal device to cable operators in the Americas.

Nevo Portal offers cable subscribers the ability to browse EPG content and control their whole home theater with compatible iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, Nevo Portal acts as a standalone tabletop remote control that is always available and within arms-reach to control equipment even when a smartphone or tablet is not available.

Fast and Easy Setup - A simple download of the free Nevo App for smart devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone or tablet brings up a simple on-screen setup wizard to pair with the Nevo Portal and to select home theater settings.

Powerful Second Screen Remote Control - the Nevo App can be used with the Nevo Portal as an IR blaster, enabling the smart device to control any home theater with the ability to set up multiple units for each room in the house.

Content Browsing and Selection -- The Nevo for Smart Devices application includes an integrated TV guide that enables browsing and tuning to live TV content using the guide on a phone or tablet. Channel change is as simple as tapping on the program and the application relays the channel change through the Nevo Portal.

"Nevo Portal leverages our extensive knowledge in both IR and RF, and our world renowned device code database to add home theater control to devices that don't already have it built-in," said Lou Hughes, Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Management for the Americas at Universal Electronics. "Nevo App and Nevo Portal combine to make a very neat package for cable operators to quickly and easily provide an out-of-box solution for second screen control."

Nevo Portal can be seen at The Cable Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, April 29-May 1 in Universal Electronics booth #1301.

About Universal Electronics

Founded in 1986, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is the global leader in wireless control technology for the connected home. UEI designs, develops, and delivers innovative solutions that enable consumers to control entertainment devices, digital media, and home systems. The company's broad portfolio of patented technologies and database of infrared control software have been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast, and computing industries. UEI sells and licenses wireless control products through distributors and retailers under the One For All® brand name. More information is available at

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