InfoComm 2014 - Building Momentum for InfoComm 2014, Crimson AV Expands Operations, Announces New Products

InfoComm Exposition in Las Vegas, June 18-20, 2014

GLENVIEW, IL April 29, 2014, InfoComm Booth# C5430- Crimson AV, LLC -A leading manufacturer in display-mounting solutions for both the commercial and residential markets-is excited to reveal key products and announcements leading up to the InfoComm Exposition in Las Vegas, June 18-20, 2014. Expanded US operations and a new series of installer-friendly multi-display inline mounting solutions are today's primary headlines.

Ideal for the commercial market in which multiple displays are often used together in a single installation for applications like digital signage, wayfinding, and hospitality--especially where digital menu board systems are used--Crimson AV's new CM Series of Menu Board Multi-monitor mounts offers unrivaled key benefits to the commercial integrator to those working in a commercial environment. The CM Menu Board Multi-Monitor mounting system is designed to significantly reduce installer assembly, installation, and alignment time for inline multiple-display arrays and menu board installations and does so at lower price points than competitive brands currently offer.

The CM Series is a fully modular solution that allows installers to quickly mount multiple displays from the ceiling in either landscape or portrait orientation with minimal ceiling drops to distract the intended audience. To simplify the specification and ordering process, CM Series prices are based on the number of displays to be mounted. Systems designers only need to know the size and number of displays and their proposed orientation. Crimson will kit the complete mount system for the installer and ship it to location in cartons that can be easily managed onsite by a single installer.
, President of Crimson AV. "Installers and integrators will find our CM Series Menu Board Multi-monitor.

Other installer-friendly features include Crimson's simplified alignment design and post-installation leveling, which make perfecting the visual aesthetic a breeze without the need for adjusting displays or re-mounting them, further reducing time spent on the job.

"This exciting new lineup of multi-monitor display mounts exemplifies Crimson's mission to deliver innovative, professional-grade solutions that are simple to specify, order, and install," says Vlad Gleyzermounts to be the easiest mounts to install and they are better able to accomplish secure, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing installations at very affordable prices whenever Crimson products are utilized."

The CM Series is also backed by Crimson's industry-leading, 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every product in Crimson's comprehensive assortment is engineered and manufactured to meet rigorous standards, designed for maximum installation efficiency and sold for a fraction of the price of competitive solutions.

Crimson AV is also excited to announce that it has increased the size of its Glenview, IL operations, effectively doubling the size of its warehouse as of April 2014.

To learn more, visit, call 866-MOUNT-TV, or write to

About Crimson

Based in Glenview, IL, Crimson AV manufactures a comprehensive yet uniquely differentiated lineup of display mounting solutions designed for Commercial, Pro, and Residential audio-visual applications. Combining enhanced product design techniques, extensive manufacturing expertise, and lean business practices, Crimson has developed a proprietary business model that delivers superior products for maximum value. Customers benefit from professional-grade products that are backed by unparalleled service and technical support. Uncompromising design and build quality requirements and an industry-leading 10-year warranty ensure each Crimson AV mount will be trouble-free for years to come. Interested parties can learn more about Crimson mounting solutions by visiting, by calling 866-MOUNT-TV, by writing to and by following @CrimsonAV on Twitter. Media inquiries should be directed to: Katye (McGregor) Bennett, KMB Communications, (425) 328-8640,, and @katyemcgregor.

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