Amber International helped to launch and preview numerous new Universal Remote Control products at the RAI in Amsterdam.

With just over 51,000 visitors making their way to ISE 2014, it was undoubtedly the biggest show in the European CI calendar. Joining forces on the URC stand, master EMEA distributor, Amber International helped to launch and preview numerous new Universal Remote Control products at the RAI in Amsterdam. From the sleek and simplistic TRC-1080 remote control, advanced MRX-20 network system controller and the latest software upgrades from Extra Vegetables, industry professionals and potential customers were able to experience first-hand, the advanced features available with URC's range of whole house control systems.


The new URC MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller is a significant addition to URC Total Control and was also previewed at ISE 2014.

Delivering a crystal clear onscreen GUI, the MRX-20 allows an onscreen TV overlay of all required control functions - without interrupting source playback. Designed to work out of the box with the TRG-100 and TRG-200 gyroscopic remote controls, the MRX-20 allows movement of a 'cursor' on the TV screen, controllable via physical motion from the remote controls, or if the end-user prefers, by pressing the directional hard buttons. The MRX-20 provides intuitive control of entertainment, lighting, security, HVAC and more. Storing and issuing commands for IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor controlled devices, the system allows one button to be programmed with multiple advanced macros.

With 10 IR ports, four RS-232 ports, four relay ports, four sensor ports, two 12-volt outputs, three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, this network controller offers all the connectivity a homeowner could possibly need. The advanced on-board processor delivers enhanced performance on all 2-way communication, even in large installations. Multiple MRX-20s can be linked together to expand the system if required.

Also introduced at ISE 2014 were the new TRG-100 and TRG-200 remote controls. Utilising advanced gyroscopic technology, these controls work with the URC MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller, allowing end-users to simply flick and swipe through onscreen control options with just a wave of their hand.


Following on from Extra Vegetables' recent 2-way Sonos integration module for URC Total Control, the protocol specialist, in collaboration with URC, has created further modules for 2-way control of DIRECTV, Roku, Popcorn Hour/Popbox and Dune HD, alongside integration with Coolmaster and Heatmiser HVAC control. All modules are easy to install and work with URC Accelerator, requiring minimal dealer setup. They seamlessly connect to Total Control, displaying customised graphics on URC touch panels, remote controls and iOS Apps straight out of the box.

URC Total Control is now also compatible with a wide range of third party IP and analogue cameras, from manufacturers such as Ebode, Wirepath Surveillance, IC Realtime, Panasonic and Axis. With most fixed and PTZ cameras supported.

In addition, the URC CC Control App has been released for Android devices. This ensures that whatever version of Google software the customer is using, they can always stay connected to their Complete Control system, gaining all the functionality they would expect from URC, directly from a mobile or tablet device.


URC unveiled a brand new remote control which works exclusively with its Total Control home automation system. Able to be used in an entirely Wi-Fi only environment, the TRC-1080 can handle control of large scale installations with ease.

Featuring a backlit high resolution two-inch LCD screen, the lightweight TRC-1080 certainly looks the part with its sleek ergonomic design. Thanks to pick-up sensor technology, the remote control automatically wakes up from standby when lifted from its piano black table top charging cradle. With an uncluttered button layout, the remote benefits from four colour coded buttons, allowing fast access to interactive TV services and Blu-ray / DVR functions.

URC is available in EMEA through Amber International. For more information, visit www.amber-international.com.

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WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

The WaterCop family of products continues to grow! We now offer Z-wave technology that allows remote control of a home's main water supply via phone or internet. It's perfect for people who want peace of mind that they can shut off water in homes from nearly anywhere using Z-wave protocol. Z-wave joins systems WaterCop Pro, LeakStop, WaterCop Classic, Outdoor, and Large Valve (1 ½"-4") Integration. Visit www.watercop.com to learn more.