Depth To All From Covert Bass System

Monitor Audio extends its custom range with flexible new in-wall subwoofer assembly...

Designed to add deep bass frequencies to architectural speaker systems, Monitor Audio's new in-wall subwoofer design is an amalgam of sophisticated IWS-10 sub-woofer driver, IWA-250 amplifier and IWB-10 back box. The system has been conceived to deliver optimum 'controlled' bass in new walls or easy bass augmentation in retro-fit situations.

To provide excellent bass depth with maximum installation flexibility the IWS-10 subwoofer driver is a highly specialised design employing an extraordinarily rigid, flat 10" surface of 10mm (3/8") RDT® material devised for Monitor audio's acclaimed 'Platinum' series of high-end speakers. Rigid Diaphragm Technology is a sandwich of two layers of C-CAM® alloy, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex core. The resulting properties of low mass and great strength give the driver the ability to behave as an extremely agile piston, resistant to bending, light enough to deliver an accurate bass response through large excursions, even within a shallow 81mm profile. A large vented pole helps to move air quickly, reducing power compression and improving heat dissipation.

Consequently the IWS-10 is sufficiently well specified to generate excellent bass quality in a range of wall, ceiling, even floor locations, ideally but not exclusively with its IWB-10 back box, providing wider retrofit possibilities. It features Monitor Audio's patented Tri-grip® clamping system which is easier to install and provides three times the surface area of a conventional dog-leg type clamp, offering better overall surface sealing. The IWS-10's trim-less grille and frame edge are paintable to blend discreetly with d�cor.

When used with the IWB-10 back box, the IWS-10 return optimum 'controlled' performance. The IWB-10 is a sealed preconstruction back box, built from MDF and laminated with a rugged black Sandex vinyl finish. Having an internal volume of 24 litres, the IWB-10 is designed to fit between standard 14" stud spacing and comes supplied with adjustable steel fixing brackets. While providing the ideal environment for the driver, the IWB-10 will also reduce the radiation of sound to adjacent rooms. For easier installation, the IWB-10 is pre-wired with external terminals.

Completing the trinity is the IWA-250 switch mode amplifier - a slim, powerful dedicated design in a heavy-duty 1U rack mount case. Delivering up to 250watts into 4 ohms, a single IWA-250 will power single or dual IWS-10s to provide higher power levels for larger rooms or to meet customer demands. The IWA-250 can be configured to switch on automatically using input signal sensing, or by using the preferred 12v trigger link from and AVR or system source. The IWA-250 will then automatically be switched on and off with the AVR, TV or system remote control handset.

The amplifier utilises a cool running Class D power stage driven by a PWM with integrated DSP. All filtering and functionality are controlled in the software for precise and reliable operation. It offers a choice of single LFE, balanced XLR and stereo RCA inputs. Output connection is made via two sets of push type terminals to provide connection to one or a pair of IWS-10 drivers. The front panel provides access to all control features for easy adjustment when fitted into a rack bay. An EQ switch provides a selection of music, movie and impact presets for the ideal response in-room. There is also an enclosure switch to calibrate the drive characteristics when the IWS-10 is used within or without the IWB-10 back box.



* Rigid Die-cast chassis/basket

* Large vented pole design to reduce power compression, lower distortion and improve power handling.

* High tech RDT Flat 'sandwich' cone technology

* 'Push' type terminal - for easy installation.

* 8 ohm impedance.

* 50mm diameter voice coil with anodised former - Improves convection cooling effects

* +/- 12mm of excursion - results in controlled bass at low frequencies and delivers high SPL.

* Patented Tri-Grip fixing system

* Trim-less, low profile, paintable grille.


* Designed to provide optimum performance for IWS-10

* Fits into standard 14" stud bays (16" centres)

* Heavy duty MDF construction

* Rugged laminated vinyl finish

* Pre-wired with external high quality 'push' type terminals IWA-250


* Rigid, high quality steel case

* Switch mode power supply

* Class D power amplifier delivering up to 250watts into 4ohms (dual IWS-10 drivers)

* High efficiency design resulting in cool running - low thermal output.

* DSP controlled with advanced limiters

* <0.5watt standby power consumption (ErP certified)

* DC short circuit protection, over-current and thermal protection

Front Panel Features

* Volume Control

* Enclosure switch (enclosure or open baffle)

* EQ profile switch (music, movie, impact)

* Phase switch (0-180)

* Crossover control (variable low pass from 50-120Hz)

* Mains power switch

* Power mode switch (auto sense, trigger, on)

* Power LED with fault indication.

Rear Panel Features

* RCA stereo inputs

* LFE input (RCA and balanced XLR)

* Two sets of spring loaded push terminals for simple installation of one or two IWS-10

* Fused IEC mains socket

* Trigger input (3.5mm mono mini-jack socket)

IWS-10 MSRP: $500 each

IWB-10 MSRP: $250 each

IWA-250 MSRP: $500 each

Availability: January 2014

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