CIE-Group extends 2N portfolio with the Mobile Audio Gateway

The 2N Mobile Audio Gateway GSM system is connected via a line out and relay contact switch to any standard PA system.

CIE-Group, one of the audio visual industry's longest established providers of equipment for the professional audio visual integration and PA sectors, has announced the launch of the new 2N Mobile Audio Gateway as part of it's installed system 'problem solvers'. The 501334E Mobile Audio Gateway (MAG) from 2N is a brand new and unique product allowing voice announcements through a standard / existing PA system to be delivered directly from a mobile or landline telephone.

The ideal PA upgrade solution for facilities managers, live event co-ordinators and security personnel, the 2N Mobile Audio Gateway allows live voice announcements to be delivered to a specified zone or site-wide area (where a GSM or 3G signal is available) from anywhere on site, anywhere in the country or indeed, globally.

The 2N Mobile Audio Gateway GSM system is connected via a line out and relay contact switch to any standard PA system. The user then simply calls a stored telephone number from their mobile or landline telephone and, after hearing a 'gong' tone, can start talking to deliver their live public address announcement. The 2N Mobile Audio Gateway also features a built-in switch-pair which will allow for priority override to the amplifier / PA system if required.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Edwards, Marketing Director at CIE-Group said "This system is an ideal upgrade for existing PA systems as it allows authorised users to make direct announcements - for example marketing messaging, emergency or lost child announcements or event results - without the need to 'return to base' or use a roaming wireless microphone. The appeal of the 2N Mobile Audio Gateway is very wide as it's a simple and cost effective way to harness the benefits of mobile technology to a standard 100v line or low impedance PA system."

The Gateway's ability to be contacted remotely from anywhere also allows for just one user to make live announcements to any number of sites simply by making repeat phone calls to each Gateway device. For instance, where a company has multiple manufacturing plants around the world; announcements can be made, from head office, to each site's PA system from a single mobile or landline telephone.

The MAG is ideal for applications such as:

*Retail Chains
*Production Plants
*Office Buildings
*University Campus Systems
*Outdoor Event PA Systems

Go to for further information and for a full technical specification.

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