News from ISE 2014: Dutch Rental Provider Bazelmans AVR Adds Meyer Sound LYON to Inventory

Making its tradeshow debut at ISE 2014, LYON is the newest member of Meyer Sound's LEOT Family.

Bazelmans AVR, a Dutch AV rental company, has invested in the Meyer Sound

LYONT linear sound reinforcement system and become one of the first
suppliers of the new product. The LYON sale, closed during the ISE 2014
trade show in Amsterdam, includes 40 LYON linear line array loudspeakers, 22
1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, and a GalileoR CallistoT
loudspeaker management system, in addition to RMServersT for loudspeaker

Making its tradeshow debut at ISE 2014, LYON is the newest member of Meyer
Sound's LEOT Family. LYON comes in a more flexible and compact package than
the LEO-M line array loudspeaker, while retaining the same exceptional
headroom, accurate sound reproduction at any operating level, and optimized
rigging for streamlined set-up. Designed for medium-to-large-scale
applications, LYON is available in two variants: the LYON-M main line array
loudspeaker for main arrays, and the LYON-Wwide-coverage line array
loudspeaker for downfill and outfill applications.

"The LEO is a prime example for the advancements Meyer Sound offers to
large-scale international touring," Wiljan Bazelmans, founder and CEO of
Bazelmans AVR, says. "The brand new LYON demonstrates the same linearity and
sheer power so sought after in any production, including EDM, but in a
compact, versatile package that stage designers will love.

"We want the best experience for our customers, not just once but every
time," continues Bazelmans. "We decided to step up from other loudspeaker
brands to Meyer Sound some years ago, and we have never looked back. We are
thrilled to become one of the first suppliers of LYON, which is sure to play
a key role in the future growth of our company."

The LYON investment by Bazelmans AVR bolsters an existing Meyer Sound
inventory that already includes more than 100 cabinets, including MICAR and
M'elodieR line array loudspeakers, UPQ-1P and 1100-LFC loudspeakers, UPJ-1P
and UPJuniorT VariOT loudspeakers, and 500-HP, 600-HP, and 700-HP

With locations in Veldhoven and Amstelveen, Bazelmans AVR provides a full
range of event production technology rentals throughout the Netherlands. The
company's expertise and client base encompasses corporate events, civic
celebrations and festivals, and concert and festival systems for musical
performances that range from classical to electronic dance music.

The purchase was facilitated by Audio Electronics Mattijsen, Meyer Sound's
distributor for the Netherlands.

Family owned and operated since 1979, Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. designs
and manufactures high-quality, self-powered sound reinforcement
loudspeakers, digital audio systems, active acoustic systems, cinema sound
systems, and sound measurement tools for the professional audio industry.
Founded by John and Helen Meyer, the company has grown to become a leading
worldwide supplier of systems for theatres, arenas, stadiums, theme parks,
convention centers, houses of worship, and touring concert sound rental
operations. Meyer Sound's main office and manufacturing facility are located
in Berkeley, California, with field offices and authorized distributors
located throughout the USA and around the world. Meyer Sound is a registered
trademark of Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.

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