4K evolution from Smart-e

Smart-e is building on the modular approach of their traditional reliable analogue equipment

ISE 2014 sees Smart-e launch their new digital 4Konnect range of modular products. Based on a modular design, each product incorporates a number of 4K UHD transceiver modules for the ultimate 5-Play connectivity of Ultra High Definition Video, Audio, Control, Ethernet and Inline power, capable of transmission over 100m of CAT6 cable.

Showcasing its new 4K compatible modules, in Hall 10 Stand N137, Smart-e is building on the modular approach of their traditional reliable analogue equipment. The modules can be used in a variety of products, mixing and matching for the desired result, allowing for greater flexibility and providing installers with exactly the requirements they need for each project, quickly and at an affordable price.

The compact size of each Smart-e 4K module (the size of a 10 pack) means they can be integrated into a wide range of current and future Smart-e audio visual (AV) equipment. All modules can be externally fitted by installers, providing flexibility of on-site upgrades and future-proofing. Robust and extensive testing procedures during manufacture of the modules provides reassurance and reliability.

Each module has independent and complete input and output processing capabilities and once connected to a Smart-e product, the modules support UHD Video, IR, RS232, 100BaseT Ethernet and remote power (POH), whilst internal firmware provides for external monitoring of status of module performance, signal integrity and product connection status.

The modules include:

MOD-4120 - HDBaseT output module (TX)

MOD-4121 - HDBaseT input module (RX)

MOD-4124 - HDBaseT Lite input module (RX)

MOD-4122 - HDMI output module (TX)

MOD-4123 - HDMI input module (RX)

Because the modules are interchangeable (plug & play), the products can simply and easily be configured or re-purposed for different combinations and functionality. Multiple units can be daisy-chained via local HDMI connections, providing extraordinary versatility in system design and leveraging outstanding value from a single device.

The new 4Konnect family of ultra HD products from Smart-e all feature configurations of the new modules built on to a main Smart-e board. 4Konnect offers installers a family of HDMI over HDBaseT equipment that incorporates the next generation of AV solutions to support and extend 4K resolution content.

Installers can build their own devices or choose from Smart-e's existing range which is growing week by week. To date the 4Konnect range includes a 3-way splitter, modular matrix, presentation switch and Rackspace solutions.

Invitation to Smart-e forum

The Smart-e technical team are eager to use ISE 2014 to meet with installers to discuss their future requirements, emerging technologies and product adaptions to make installation and AV/IT convergence easier, quicker and cheaper. As such the company is inviting installers and specifiers to visit their stand to share their experiences and talk through future projects.

As Jon Lane, Smart-e's founder and managing director says, "We're looking to take the new and emerging technologies and work with installers to provide solutions to give them greater flexibility, make individual configuration more affordable, and ultimately provide the opportunity to reinvent system connectivity.

"With in-house R&D capability we have the ability to react to installers' needs literally within days and exhibiting at ISE 2014 gives us a great opportunity to talk with customers so we can determine which extra functions (or in some cases reduction in functions) will give the greatest benefit."

Smart-e will also be running an HDBaseT workshop demonstrating 4K screen technology on its stand. Other equipment on show at ISE 2014 will be Smart-e's range of integrated desktop EVOline customised wall plates which extend HDMI, RGBHV, stereo audio with video and audio and RS232 over CAT6 cables, and which can also charge a tablet or smartphone android device.

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